First Published: August 2004
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.

Of all the European Pride events, Amsterdam's is the most picturesque. Here the participants are all aboard fantastically decorated canal boats with the banksides packed with supporters, revellers, families and tourists. This year's annual Canal Parade attracted more visitors than ever, and brought more people to the streets than any other event in Holland apart from their recent Queen's Day Festival, including our own photographer. There were about 80 boats in the Parade, which means the maximum capacity of the parade was reached. Thousands of people stood along the Prinsengracht and Amstel canals watching the procession which took more than two hours to pass. Organisers promised this year there would be more nudity than ever before, and the police promised that there wouldn't. In the end there were lots of half naked people, and some that wore false genitals outside their clothes instead. This year's Pride was 5 days long with nightly street parties, club events and all manner of festivities. If you weren't able to get to Amsterdam this year, you can enjoy a taste of the sights in our special 2004 Amsterdam Pride gallery.

OutUK - AmsPride1001.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1002.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1003.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1004.JPG
OutUK - AmsPride1005.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1006.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1007.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1008.JPG
OutUK - AmsPride1009.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1010.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1011.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1012.JPG
OutUK - AmsPride1013.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1014.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1015.JPG OutUK - AmsPride1016.JPG
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