First Published: August 2003
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More than 300,000 partied over the first weekend in August as Pride hit Amsterdam. Highlight was the Canal Parade when some 80 floats literally floated down the Prinsengracht.
Though Amsterdam has a worldwide reputation for being the gayest city in the world, intolerant conservative views are already beginning to be felt.

One City councillor has started a crusade against the screening of porn films in gay bars and backrooms, and the Mayor has already said he wants to ban nudity on the Canal Parade.

This resulted in Pride organisers calling for even more nudity on the Parade as a protest against the clean-up calls, but few participants ended up without clothes. Nevertheless there was plenty of bare flesh on show.

The Parade is very much a family occasion and many brought grandparents and children along to enjoy the show.

One float sponsored by Amsterdam's Museums featured participants in opera costumes, while others waved placards condemning the Pope's views on gay marriage.

The whole Pride weekend was a mass of free street parties and special clubnights on what had to be one of the hottest weekends of the year.

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