First Published: October 2005
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A stunning new exhibition of photography of gay BDSM photography by Ulli Richter has just opened at the unique Coffee, Cake & Kink in Covent Garden in Central London. We've been previewing some of the photographs on display and hearing from the cafe/gallery's owner.

Praised for its "excellent coffee" and hailed as "the best thing since strap-ons and sliced bread," Coffee, Cake & Kink is a unique hybrid of a café, a shop and an erotic art gallery and the "Innovation of the Year 2004" Erotic Award winner.

With almost everything you see for sale, with the possible exception of the personnel, Coffee, Cake & Kink serves delicious cakes alongside gay books and art. As part of their pro-gay stand, themed exhibitions and book signings are organised, as are evenings with writers and artists.
Coffee, Cake & Kink’s latest exhibition is "(Con)Sensual: gay male bondage photography" by Ulli Richter, the photographer behind iconic advertising campaigns for SPEXTER Munich and RoB London Ltd. Supported by the Spanner Trust , those are "pictures of real play, not scenes staged for the camera."
"We realise we are running a commercial risk showing images of gay play to our customers as many of them are heterosexual," says owner Alan Cassidy.

"The exhibition may come as a shock to some people. To us, it is simply a statement of Coffee, Cake & Kink’s mission, which includes promoting adult sexuality in its many guises."

"It’s good to push boundaries and make people think outside the box.

"We are not about to restrict the distribution of exhibition publicity material just because it features six bundled up rubber-clad guys. Having said that, we do not want to offend anyone."

(Con)Sensual: gay male bondage photography is on till 31 December 2005 at Coffee, Cake & Kink, 61 Endell Street, Covent Garden, London. Check out for more details. The exhibition is sponsored by


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