First Published: March 2004
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For more than 30 years, Falcon has been one of the hottest names in gay hardcore, but until now their films have been intermittently available here in the UK, and for most of that time were illegal to sell.

But now Falcon, who have always given a portion of their profits to their own charitable trust to promote human rights and the welfare of the gay community, have signed a distribution agreement with Millivres Prowler, owners of the Zipper video label and Prowler Stores. The first Falcon releases were launched earlier this year in London's Heaven by a host of Falcon stars and their most infamous director & drag queen Chi Chi LaRue.

Chi Chi LaRue.
OutUK's Adrian Gillan spoke to Chi Chi, aka Larry Paciotti, about his work for Falcon and his approach to directing hardcore gay video.

OutUK: You've directed over 400 skin flicks in the last sixteen years Chi Chi. Is it still a thrill?
ChiChi: If you eat lobster and caviar every day you could get bored. It takes a little more energy and effort now but I still seem to keep things fresh.
OutUK: So apart from preparing for your show at Heaven on April 3rd, what else brings you to London Chi Chi?
ChiChi: I'm here scouting locations and finding boys for a new movie. I love British boys, especially the London look. I think us Americans have got a bit of a fetish about that - the accent, the skin, your little pointy noses and droopy eyes, not to mention all those uncut dicks.
OutUK: Might a Prince Willy look-alike put in a guest appearance for Falcon some time soon then?
ChiChi: That would be disrespectful. William is really stunning though. And actually, Harry - the little red head - damn it, he's cute as hell too. Think he'll turn into quite a bit of rough, just the kind a girl like me likes.

OutUK: Can you ever see yourself giving up drag?
ChiChi: I used to drag up every weekend. The truth is I drag less now, for a laugh or to promote my films!
OutUK: So you don't actually direct in drag?
ChiChi: No. Nothing's more of a drag than being in drag unnecessarily, sitting there in itchy eyelashes.

OutUK: Have you ever used the casting couch Chi Chi?

ChiChi: You know what? I've never said, "I have to suck your dick so you can get a job." I'm not even that comfortable interviewing someone unless they feel utterly at ease with me. Of course, loads of boys throw themselves at me but I think that's sad. I'm just hiring them to do a job, just as I would a plumber. If you can get your dick hard and fuck on film, you've got the job.
OutUK: But isn't it a big fat "next" to your model as soon as some fresh piece of movie meat minces in?
ChiChi: I think models set their own life expectancy. Many boys burn out on their third or fourth job. People often view porn stars as walking sex machines - like you can go up to them in a club and they're going to fuck you or let you suck their dick - but they're only human.
Falcon model Matthew Rush. Courtesy Falcon Studios
OutUK: How would you describe your sexuality?
ChiChi: I guess you could call me a bisexual transgender man. I fancy women for what they look like. I think that a naked woman is gorgeous and love directing them in straight or lesbian porn and getting them into panties with just the right sheen. But do I like to fondle a breast or vagina? No.
OutUK: How does all that relate to Chi Chi's persona and to your porn directing?
ChiChi: I have all my sex, psychologically speaking, as Chi Chi. Maybe I just wish I was a straight woman so I could be dominated by a real man. And I suppose I also portray my passivity through some of the models in my movies. Unlike many directors, I love "aggressive bottoms", into lots of oral and rimming.
OutUK: What's Chi Chi's favourite type of model then?
ChiChi: Edgy, dirty, tattooed, facial hair - they can still be boyish so long as they're a bit rough. I'm not into twinks, but I've made twink movies and they sell really well.
OutUK: So you follow the money?
ChiChi: Yes, except people say bare-backing is where the money is right now, and I'd never go there.
Falcon model Maxx Diesel. Courtesy Falcon Studios
OutUK: Can I ask you…
ChiChi: Anything you want…
OutUK: … about your relationship with star Falcon model Joey Stefano who took his own life, aged 26?
ChiChi: … apart from that! I fell in love with Joey and he fell in love with me - as a friend, as a mother figure. I gave him unconditional love and he treated me as a parent. He sought me out for comfort but also teased me and in the end rebelled.

OutUK: Land of the free yet home to Bush! What's going on in the US these days?
ChiChi: There are such double standards in America. Janet Jackson gets her little tittie out on national TV but we're the one's all screaming and talking about it for weeks after! And so what? You see boobs on Euro-channels every night of the week, right? Don't your game show hosts bound on set, dicks hanging out?
OutUK: What do you say to queers who suggest characters like Chi Chi set the gay movement back?
ChiChi: That is so funny. I mean, take guys dressed in leather. That is so drag, except they don't wear makeup! And anyway, I'm not asking all gays to be drag queens! Live and let live mister! There's nothing worse than gay-on-gay hate, a gay guy hating another gay guy! You know: muscle boys hating leather guys, leather guys hating drag queens? It's all self-loathing.

OutUK: What was it like being in a Madonna video?
ChiChi: She's something else. She's… [long pause] Madonna. She spent the whole day telling her director what "Chi Chi" should do, where "Chi Chi" should go, and then - when she speaks directly to me - asks me, "Sorry, what's your name?" I thought: "Come on girl." But it was fun.

OutUK: Do you write porn as well as direct it?
ChiChi: I normally come up with the premise or idea, usually based on fantasy or role-play. Ideas can come from anywhere - TV ads, somebody I see walking down the street, journalists interviewing me. If I need a scriptwriter than I get one but I'm not really a dialogue director. I like visuals.
OutUK: What's your proudest porn moment?
ChiChi: I did a film for Falcon last year called Drenched. It was very visual, all shot in water with lots of boys getting splashed by waves - stunning, gorgeous, amazing.
OutUK: Has the recent boom in amateur modelling, especially on the internet, hit pro porn hard?
ChiChi: The internet is about as close to amateur porn as I want to get. I like my porn slick.
OutUK: But aren't all those pro "suck it buddy" one-liners a bit hard to swallow?
ChiChi: "Hi buddy, how you doing? Girlfriend away? Didn't get it last night? Well I can give you some. Suck that dick buddy! Oh yeah, I'm gonna pump that ass!" If it's scripted and sounds stupid, I tell my boys to put it in their own words. But I think most porn movies spoof themselves a bit. You can't take it too seriously - it's not Gone With The Wind.

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All new Falcon movies are available exclusively from the Prowler stores in Soho, King's Cross and Camden as well as the Expectations store in Old Street in London. See or for more info.


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