First Published: May 2003
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One of the world's largest gay celebrations is GayDay at Disney World in Orlando Florida when the whole resort, and now many of the neighbouring attractions like Sea World and Universal Studios join in with all kinds of special events. This year GayDay is between June 5th and 7th though there are events and circuit parties the whole of that week. Here in the UK Disney World is regarded as a purely family destination, but there's lots which'll appeal to a gay visitor. To coincide with GayDay 2003 there's a new book out about both Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California which'll guide you to the gayest places in the Disney universe.
Take the words Disney, and mix them with gay and lesbian, and you have a recipe for controversy, and yet, somehow, it all works!

Despite right-wing evangelist Pat Robertson's assertion that gays at the Disney park in Orlando would result in hurricanes and all manner of manifestations of God's wrath, Gay Day at Disney draws over 100,000 people from around the world.

Now, whether it's Gay Day or not, US Out magazine senior editor Jeffrey Epstein and Eddie Shapiro have created Queens in the Kingdom which is a funny, camp, practical guide to getting the most gay goodies from your Disney outing.

Queens In The Kingdom is available now for 10.99 from Amazon.
Think of them as the tour-guide version of Patsy and Edina from AbFab -if those two ever were sober enough to write a book. Knowing that the agenda of the average gay traveller is a bit different from that of Mum, Dad and two kids from Essex, Jeffrey Epstein and Eddie Shapiro have come up with a guide to the Disney resorts that specifically caters to gay readers. While sniping at each other only occasionally, they offer candid, informative, and always-humorous opinions on everything from hotels and attractions to restaurants and shows.

The most fascinating part of the book is that they take you through the history of each ride and attraction, when it first opened and what changes have been made. The writers also provide information about nearby theme parks and local gay life surrounding the Disney landscape. Additionally, the book boasts: 'fairy facts,' unique titbits of trivia about every attraction in the park; vital tips on how to make the most of your stay such as which restaurants offer the best bang for your buck and how to avoid all the long lines; help on finding the parks' 'gay goodies' like Ellen's Energy Adventure (starring none other than Ellen DeGeneres); and where to grab a kiss without feeling stared at.

Queens In The Kingdom is published by Alyson Books and can ordered direct from Amazon here in the UK.

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