First Published: May 2011
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This May there's a rare opportunity to see a new play from The Netherlands performed in London. Dwelling In Bed Ain't Bad is the English version of a long-running Dutch play by Amsterdam-based writer and performer Paul Haenen. It can be seen for an exclusive limited season at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith.

Dwelling in Bed Ainít Bad is a story of two young gay men who discuss their lives whilst lying in bed together one weekend morning. Their conversation moves effortlessly between universal themes of love, jealousy and hope.

It's performed by real life couple Mike Starink and Jeroen Bos.

Mike is well-known in the Netherlands as a tv presenter and game-show host, while Jeroen Bos is a familiar face in tv dramas including the Dutch version of Footballers' Wives.

Mike Starink and Jeroen Bos
Mike Starink and Jeroen Bos
The couple say they brought their own experiences of their relationship to the play and it's intimacy and gentle humour has been enchanting both gay and straight audiences alike in its original Dutch.

The Amsterdam edition of TimeOut wrote: "The English language version of Paul Haenenís Dutch two-hander about a male couple and their reflections on the love pursuit. The play has been praised for its intimate observation of two menís attempt to come to terms with the fact that they each have a past thatís not necessarily all that loveable. Art with a heart!"

Dwelling In Bed Ain't Bad is at the Riverside Studios from Tuesday 10th until Sunday 15th May. Get more information and book online at


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