First Published: May 2005
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The countdown has begun to this year's annual celebration of European gay sport. This year's event is in Utrecht, around 30 mins from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
From the 16th through the 19th of June 2005, participants from 32 different countries will match their strength in nine competition sports in the 10th EuroGames. The organisers say they expect over 2,900 athletes (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and of course heterosexual) and more than 15,000 visitors from across Europe and beyond.
Photo: Maks Smits - EuroGames Utrecht 2005
The following sports will make up this year's Games: football, tennis, field hockey, ballroom dancing, squash, track & field, swimming and volleyball. For the first time ever field hockey will be a competition sport at the EuroGames. Alongside European field hockey teams, Utrecht will also welcome an Australian team.
The Opening Ceremony on Thursday the 16th of June will take place in the Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs Utrecht, with a spectacular programme in front of thousands of visitors. As you'd expect a host of parties and cultural events run parallel to the sports events including the weeklong MidZomerGracht festival that starts on Friday the 10th of June with a sparkling dance event called “Mega PANN”. On Saturday the 18th of June, Stichting Final Fantasy will host the official EuroGames 2005 sports party called “Final Fantasy Party”. This party will take place at the six most famous clubs in the historical city centre of Utrecht with DJ's, live music and will offer room to 5000 party guests.
Photo: Elvin - EuroGames Utrecht 2005
The event has the official backing of both the Dutch government and the City of Utrecht and promises to be a great success. Registration for the sports events is now closed, but you can still get tickets for the events and dance parties.

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