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    First Published: Before August 2002
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.


April's the month for that annual feast of queer film The London Gay And Lesbian Film Festival at the National Film Theatre on London's South Bank.
In the days before Queer As Folk homosexuality in the movies was either invisible or a "problem". Nowadays it's a rare film that isn't queer conscious, but the LLGFF never fails to turn up more than a few trumps.
OK, with hindsight, I might have passed on German cannibalism saga set in an LA motel from hell and I still have nightmares of that short which intercut a Woody Woodpecker cartoon with a graphic record of a Prince Albert op which would have done credit to Guy's Hospital Medical School. But that's all part of the fun. This year's festival, the 15th, has a European focus but movies have come from round the gay world and many of them will be shown round the country throughout 2001.
We're particularly looking forward to the Closing Night Gala, hot from the Berlin Film Festival, The Fluffer. This is an intriguing examination of lust, obsession and desire in the LA porn industry. Aspiring director Sean McGuinnis’ infatuation with straight porn star extrodinaire, Johnny Rebel, leads him to LA and motivates him to get a job as an assistant in one of his films. Much to his delight he is asked to do some ‘fluffing’ on his first day – his dream job come true! With fine performances all round, charged sexuality, an intelligent script and a performance by über-sex diva Debbie Harry, The Fluffer is sure to be a success.
Come Undone is a visually stunning, erotically charged film about a holiday romance between two young French men, Mathieu and Cédric. Captivating visuals invite the viewer closer into this sexy story of young love. Feature films in the Festival this year have a strong European focus, with seventeen quality films covering a vast array of subject matters.
Another gem in the World section is Queer as Folk – US Version. Praised and chastised the world over for its upfront narrative, you can now decide how well the Americans have adapted a story of three, different ‘up-for-it’ guys and their escapades.

An archive strand of the festival pays tribute to the late Kenneth Williams, whose blend of campery and perfect comic timing found a natural house in the Carry On Series. David Benson, acclaimed for his one-man show dedicated to Kenneth, will present a tribute event. In fact, there's a strong array of special events includes Wash West analysing his work as a gay pornographer in Kingdom Cum while Cine-oke, the bastard child of Singalonga Sound of Music also returns by popular demand, with a new crop of musical numbers.

OutUK reviewed its pick of the best films this year in Film Reviews.


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