First Published: November 2006
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Later this month two very different cultures collide once again in the return of the PeaceOUT UK festival of gay hip-hop. It's all happening in East London and we've been taking a look at what's in store.
Gays and the hip-hop world have made something of an uneasy truce on both sides of the Atlantic in the last few years with major stars like Mary J. Blige, Kanye West and L’il Kim championing gay issues in their own unique ways.

It appears that a successful relationship between the two communities is also being established here with the preparations for PeaceOUT UK, a queer hip-hop music fest, from October 20 – 26 in London.

The first PeaceOUT event ever was held in Oakland, California in 2002, starting a phenomenon that has since spread to a number of different states and countries and provided a foundation for successful PeaceOUT East festivals in New York and of course the UK where the inaugural PeaceOUT UK was held back in August 2005.
Now in its second year, PeaceOUT UK, Europe’s only gay hip-hop festival, is organised and presented by Pac-Man and the crew - QBoy, Mistermaker, NineBob & Gideon, as an extension and part of past and on-going gay hip-hop festivals held in the USA.

Although the event itself is billed as a gay hip-hop festival, organizers stress that PeaceOUT UK is not exclusively meant for a gay audience as the stated goal of the event is to bring the urban talents of the LGBTQ community to the forefront and display it to a wider and appreciative audience.

Following the success of last years initial groundbreaking events held in both London and Brighton, PeaceOUT UK is already lining up another jam packed live urban showcase featuring well known rappers, singers, poets and DJ’s from the homo-hop scene however the event’s promoters are also looking to showcase new, up and coming talent.

Though the closing date for urban artists (poets, rappers, singers, dancers, DJ’s, graffiti artists) from the LGBTQ community wishing to apply for a performance slot has gone if you still want to appear contact the organisers as soon as possible to see if there's still space for you to perform.

The PeaceOUT UK Party is at the DiTch Bar 145 Shoreditch High Street London on Friday 20th October.


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