First Published: July 2004
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Being gay isnt just about sexual orientation; its an attitude, according to a new Sky One show which starts this Sunday at 10. This new tongue-in-cheek series aimed at straight men and their wives and girlfriends, hosted by the marvellous Ed Hall, is a fully interactive experience where you're are invited to take part in the Big Gay Poll through the red button on their digital remote or online at
Posing questions on subjects ranging from personal grooming through to musical tastes, fashion and food, this scientific process will establish once and for all where the UKs men stand and exactly what level of gayness they have attained under-gay, over-gay or just gay enough. So what does it all mean?
Meanwhile, the show will also follow the progress of ten over-gay and under-gay men, pictured above, already receiving enlightenment at the Gayways Institute. Here, under the watchful eye of the Institute Angels, the volunteers will go through a series of assessments and receive tutelage to bring them to the status of being just gay enough.

The under-gay man wears his socks in bed, has poor personal hygiene, and his idea of a romantic meal for two is to be found spinning in the kebab shop window. Girls find them disgusting.

The over-gay man drinks decaf skinny lattes, spends longer in the bathroom than his other half and his favourite movie is Pretty Woman. Hes left his masculinity in the garage next to the rusty tools he never uses for fear of damaging his manicure. Girls like this type of man a lot but only as a friend.

The just gay enough man has got it all. Hes found the right balance of going to the football and drinking beer with his mates, but when he comes home hes a dab-hand in the kitchen and hell sweep a girl off her feet by understanding her inner feelings. They look good, theyre skins great because they moisturise but only as necessary and they smell good too. Girls love them.

Psychologists, social commentators and celebrities will also be on hand to give their opinions on the perfect amount of gayness for a straight man to aspire to.

The final show in the series will be a live special where the results of the Big Gay Poll will be announced uncovering just how gay British men are. And, of course, the progress of the students attending the Gayways Institute will be revealed.

Hmmm...well we'll see what the show is like. It's Sunday night at 10 on Sky One. In the meantime check out the How Gay Are You interactive quiz here.


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