First Published: December 2004
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.
Mark Roberts who's just been crowned Mr GayUK 2004, has just finished a brand new photo session and we've got a sneak preview.

Mark's also been telling OutUK's Mike Gray what it's like to win what was the best Mr GayUK contest yet.

The final at G-A-Y was broadcast live on LIVINGtv featured Mark and 19 other finalists from venues around the country, with the winners decided by phone and text message.

At the final Mark was a clear favourite from the start with the crowd and the celebrity panel. Michelle, Jessica and Kelli from Liberty X and he also had a fan in Jenny Frost from Atomic Kitten. Richard Wilson's vote was with Mr Glasgow, whilst Peyton from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy seemed to take shine to Mr Bradford. Mark was a popular winner beating Laurence Graham from Belfast into 2nd place and Tim Rickitts from Plymouth into 3rd.

20 year old Mark a plasterer who comes from Walsall is enjoying every moment of being Mr GayUK 2004: "The Final was quite amazing and such an experience. I would definitely recommend people to do it themselves. The atmosphere on the night was electric and meeting all the celebrities...."
Mark has had plenty of support from both his family and his mates at work.

"They all watched it on TV and voted for me. They are all in support of me and thought it was quite funny."

His family backed him all the way too.



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