First Published: Before August 2002
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.
It sounds like a gay man's fantasy come true...cruising to Mexico with around 900 gay men plus a specially created entertainment schedule featuring gay porn stars and a host of top dance DJs. It's not a fantasy but what happens on the annual Pillage and Plunder cruise which raises funds for the Pride Foundation of Tampa in Florida.
This year's cruise is in November when the sun is still shining in Florida and is even more affordable this year with the low costs of flights to Orlando - just 90 minutes away - or direct to Tampa.
Pillage & Plunder is more than just a cruise and plays host to some of the biggest names in DJs, cabaret and adult video to ensure a total experience. As a charter, the vessel belongs to Pillage and Plunder for the entire voyage. This means that there are no concerns about the "other" passengers. Add to this those oh-so-forgiving international waters, and anything goes! A trademark of the cruise, the Adult Video Star Shows, hosted by Chi Chi LaRue, feature the Rascal Video/Channel One Releasing men in a "show it all" in which full contact is expected.
A typical passenger does not exist. The crowds sailing on past Pillage & Plunders are diverse ... all ages, all incomes, all body shapes. Last year's sailing boasted 700 passengers hailing from 36 US states and six nations. This year's ship is the Regal Empress which offers a variety of luxury cabins at a variety of price ranges. Last year's schedule included an Underwear Party, Toga Party, Bare As You Dare Dinner as well as Dance Nights. This year there'll also be stops in Mexico at Playa Del Carmen & Costa Maya.

Pillage And Plunder has not received much attention in the UK before, but it sells out every year normally by early February. You can reserve a cabin with a deposit of just $250 and you can get more details on the Pillage & Plunder website by clicking here.


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