First Published: September 2002
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This coming Friday in London it's the start of what's described as "the world's wildest fetish weekend".

It's not specifically gay but it does promise a feast of fetish clubbing and shopping which starts on Friday with the Skin Two Hardcore party at Electrowerkz in Islington and then continues with an exhibition where you can get everything you need to explore the outer limits of your sexuality from dungeon furniture to diamante collars.

The Skin Two Expo promises the full gamut of international fetish design and fashion. Organisers say it's the largest collection of fetish clothing, art and furniture that's ever been seen under one roof in the UK. There are also performances from San Francisco's Fetish Diva Midori and London comedian Ivor Dembina. It's all at the Barbican Exhibition Centre from 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

There's more clubbing on Saturday night at the Torture Garden Skin Two special. TG is London's cutting edge dance/performance night and after events in New York, Prague, Moscow and Tokyo, is at the Colosseum in Vauxhall from 10 through till 5am Sunday.

A reveller at last year's Rubber Ball
Photo by Mark Bennett
Highlight of the whole weekend is Monday night's Rubber Ball which raises money for Crusaid. In its eleventh year it's a glittering event with the emphasis on fun - thousands of people dressed in their wildest fantasy outfits. There are men dressed as women, women dressed as men, space creatures, dominatrixes, fire-breathing creatures on stilts, you name it. Celebrity guests in the past have included Jean-Paul Gaultier, Mick Jagger and many more. The one thing you won't see is anything ordinary as no-one is admitted in street clothing. It's at PoNaNa ( the old Hammersmith Palais) and tickets cost 30.

You can get full information about all the events, ticket prices and booking information on the Skin Two website.


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