In his 20's Aaron Lawrence became a very known gay escort and writer from New Jersey. He's also achieved a college degree in Psychology and became the author of The Male Escort's Handbook and Suburban Hustler both of which he published himself.

When OutUK first started, over 20 years ago in the late 1990's, Aaron's Advice in the Outspoken Section of OutUK answered many of your questions on being gay, sex and relationships and other questions you might not have dared to ever ask.

We've caught up with him once again a couple of decades on from when we first became friends, to find out more about his extraordinary life, his unusual career choice, and what he's up to now.

OutUK: So what first made you become an escort?

Aaron: I began after I graduated from college. I found myself totally unemployable. After 100+ rejection letters I started sleeping around in a fit of depression. Someone said I was good at sex and suggested I gave escorting a try. So I did!

OutUK: When was that?

Aaron: That was more than 20 years ago, in June of 1995. (Ugh, I think my age is showing).

OutUK: Was it what you expected?

Aaron: I wasn't sure what I expected. I half-thought my first client would murder me and hide my body. I was excited and sexually-aroused though. The idea of being paid for sex turned me on immensely. Fortunately my first encounter went well.

OutUK: What's the best and worst about it?

Aaron: Well, the money was an obvious bright spot. I liked the fact that someone complimented me for my looks, too. I wasn't very used to people saying I was good looking. I thought the sex was great, too. I really got into that. : )

As far as the worst thing ... Well, it saddens me that some people can't be trusted. I've had clients that were physically unattractive, but that doesn't bother me. What gets me really upset is people who try to cheat me, lie to me, take advantage, or otherwise be unnecessarily rude.

OutUK: Your charges were always over £250 hour ($300) which is more than a lot of escorts used to charge at the time in the USA and indeed in the UK and London, so why was that?

Aaron: Because I liked to intrigue people. I was always cute, but not gorgeous. Young, but not exactly 18 and a twink. I had and still have a decent body, but am not particularly muscular. I do have a brain though, as well as an extremely professional attitude towards my work. Most escorts' websites have a few pictures and some brief contact information. Mine used to be much larger and expansive to the point where a potential client could spend hours exploring my site. By the time someone called me for an appointment they already knew just about everything they needed to about me.

OutUK: What made you a good escort do you think?

Aaron: When it comes to being a good escort, only two things matter: Customer satisfaction and Personal satisfaction. Meeting the needs of the client is the primary goal of an escort. But if the escort feels bad about what he is doing, he is going to be a failure as an escort no matter what clients think.

Escorting has never been about making a quick buck. I enjoyed getting to know my clients, learning what drives them sexually, emotionally, and psychologically, and then meeting their needs in those areas as best I could. During my many years in the business I learned how to do all this while balancing it with what I had to achieve personally.

OutUK: What's your favourite sex, and why?

Aaron: Late in his life, porn star and sex activist Scott O'Hara quipped that as he grew older he realized he enjoyed the idea of sex more than the real thing. I think I'm the same way. The idea of being gang-banged in a leather sling by a group of hot daddies used to really appeal to me, and do you know what? It still does!

What I still like though is really the physical and emotional closeness, laughter, and tenderness. My idea of a good time is hopping into bed with a cute guy and just cuddling and talking late into the night. Sex, if we do it, is more of a "snack" than the "main course." The idea of spoonfeeding each other ice cream while laying naked in bed is more appealing to me than sucking each other off. (Well, most of the time...)

OutUK: Is there anything (legal and safe) you didn't like to do, and why?

Aaron: Working as a porn producer and escort, I am well-used to cutting the legal line a bit thin. Safety-wise though, I am much more conservative. I have been known to bareback (I do have a lover of many years, after all), but I never did with strangers. Fortunately, my safety conservatism often fits into being legally safe as well. For example, I have never touched an illegal drug in my life. I am very liberal politically and careerwise, but tend to play it safe in the day-to-day operation of my life.

OutUK: How many times in total do you think you have fucked a guy, or been fucked by a guy?

Aaron: You do ask the tough questions, don't you? To be honest, I have no idea. I'd estimate I have had 1500 sexual partners. Maybe half of those have fucked me or been fucked by me? No idea. Maybe a third. Hard to say, really, but a lot of men have. That's for sure!

OutUK: What was the best, and why?

Aaron: David Eddings wrote something to the effect of "a fat man's favourite meal is his next one." The same can be applied to promiscuity and sex. Sex really is like food in other respects, too. Sex can have many different "flavours" including intense fucking, relaxed lovemaking, nervous pickups, depressed flings, and the like. I have a lot of favourite experiences in each category, but no one encounter is superior to the others.

OutUK: Do you prefer to Top or Bottom, and why?

Aaron: Historically I have been more of a bottom, but in the past few years my partners have been having me play top more and more. I think it's often true of many bottom boys, who as they grow older like to take a more dominent role. As a result I am a little more out of practice as a bottom, and it is somewhat less comfortable to be fucked. I still like it, but it takes me a while to get into it. As such, these days I prefer to top, but am happy to go either way according to the desires of my partners.

OutUK: You've written two books, as well as your regular online sex advice column. Would you like to do more writing and online work?

Aaron: Yes. You'll know that in 2004 I became webmaster for a site called, which used to list and review gay-oriented adult websites. A couple of years later I also launched, and so I went back to providing what I called "smart gay sex advice for men who have sex with men". I am proud to say I also developed AdviceWare, the software that runs all the sites that I used to own.

OutUK: You've starred and produced many gay movies, most of which are still available in whole or in part online, so what made you want to go into Video Production?

Aaron: It seemed like a logical extension to my original business. I was selling (renting, really) my body and making good money. Porn is a great way for career escorts to increase demand for their services, which in turn means more money.

During my time when I was filming movies on a regular basis I also had plans to continue to make porn from more of an entrepreneurial approach. Not a lot of people in the industry used to do that, but as I found out very quickly the rewards for doing exactly that were great.

OutUK: You filmed quite a bit in London and other parts of the UK like Manchester, so where else have you filmed around the world?

Aaron: I have made videos in New Jersey where I live, in Amsterdam, Prague and Moscow. When I was in London I used to film most of my video scenes on the premises of a local escort agency. Their bedrooms were far superior to the "budget-style" hotel rooms I used to usually use. London is a cool place to record and the guys were always so sexy.

OutUK: Where are the hottest guys in the world do you think?

Aaron: I'm not sure really. Based on the places I have been, I'd definitely say that Moscow in Russia has some outstanding guys. They're hot, they're horny, they're thin, they're toned, and they don't have the annoying club/bar mentality found in Western culture. Every time I went there I couldn't wait to go back and do it all again.

OutUK: What's so special about the Russians?

Aaron: Well just look at these pictures or see some of the other 20 Russian boys (Russian, Ukranian, Belarusian, and Siberian to be exact) that I filmed for more proof. There's something very special about them all.

OutUK: What are your plans now that you have retired from escorting?

Aaron: Personally, I will continue to workout (as I fight those "fat genes" that run in my family). Nowadays, I live in suburban New Jersey with my husband Jeff who I met in 1992, married in 1999, and who also helps provide illustrations for my various websites. I have recently been helping design some new sites and write software which can run them. I'm still fascinated by the opportunities you can find online, even if nowadays I normally keep my clothes on to achieve them!

I'm also just planning to adopt a second cat. I'm actually searching shelters for a three-legged cat to add to our family. We already have one, and there's something appealing to me about the idea of having two cats with six legs between them. : )

You can take a look at Aaron's regular column on OutUK in our Outback section: Aaron's Advice


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