First Published: July 2020
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Amsterdam Pride is one of the biggest Gay Pride events in Europe that normally culmanates in a spectacular parade on the city's most famous canal, during the first weekend of August. Because of the worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic Amsterdam Pride is going virtual for 2020. There's a range of special TV programmes broadcast live and interactively via Pride TV. Live programs, music, documentaries and reports about the adapted festivities 24 hours a day. All made for and by the community.

PrideTV can not only be viewed on the Pride Amsterdam Website, but also on a special YouTube Channel, via their Pride app and nationally in the Netherlands on cable via Salto and OUTtv. Many of the programmes are in English or can be easily enjoyed without understanding Dutch.

Normally each year Pride Amsterdam is opened by the Pride Walk. It's staged to draw attention to the situation of LGBTI+ people in countries where homosexuality can lead to persecution or prosecution.

The Pride Walk is a showcase of the Amsterdam LGBTI+ community and normally starts at the Homomonument next to Westerkerk - the beautiful modern memorial which commemorates all gay men and lesbians who have been subjected to persecution because of their homosexuality.

In 2020 they've organised a Find the Flags Tour which can be walked as an alternative for the Pride Walk for the week leading up August 2nd. Visitors can walk independently from the Homomonument at the Westerkerk, past all kinds of places in Amsterdam that are important for the LGBTI+ community. Along the 5-kilometer route, all flags that are used by the pride community will hang out, starting with the giant 25-meter rainbow flag at the Westertoren.

At all points on the route, a QR code will be provided to explain the importance of the location and the relevance of the flag. The route, including a map and special pin, will be for sale at Pink point on the Westermarkt in front of the church next to the Homomonument.

Some of the Online programming includes a look back with participants at previous editions of the PrideWalk and Canal Parade and a talk about what participation has meant and brought to them. There's special features on the Find The Flags Tour and exhibition of the Flags of Shame on Dam Square. Flags of Shame is an open-air exhibition consisting of the flags of the 73 countries where homosexuality is a criminal offense.

Throughout the week live programming will be provided by Amsterdam's Pride Committees and Pride Ambassadors with performers from all corners of the LGBTi+ community. Programs have also been provided by UNHCR, LGBT Asylum Support, the Human Rights College and the collaborating political parties.

The evenings are filled with beautiful LGBTI+ documentaries and films. Pride is of course not complete without a party and that is why they have included sets with 12 DJs with which you can build your own party at home.

On Sunday 2 August, the last day of Pride Week, they will close Amsterdam Pride in the evening in a traditional way with a repeat showing of one their best ever closing concerts - the great Human Rights concert of 2016.

It almost seems as if the popularity of David Bowie has grown enormously in recent years. 35 Artists have been inspired by the postmodern avant-garde artist, his music, his life and his striking personality. This exhibition in the GO Gallery shows 35 stories in the form of paintings, drawings, objects and photos about one of the important icons of our time. The exhibition can be seen from July 22 to August 29. The GO Gallery at Marnixsstraat 127 in Amsterdam is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00.

Though Amsterdam has a worldwide reputation for being the gayest city in the world, even here intolerant conservative views occasionally rear their ugly head, but when they do the Dutch people react.

A year or two ago a City Councillor started a crusade against the screening of porn films in gay bars and backrooms, and a previous Mayor said he wanted to ban nudity on the annual Canal Parade. So in true Dutch style there's now just as many sex filled screens in bars and, normally when staged, there's even more nudity to enjoy on the Pride Parade. It's the attitude of a majority of the Dutch people and their encouragement and inclusion of the LGBTI+ community which makes The Netherlands and Amsterdam in particular such a great city to visit if you are gay.
Amsterdam Pride is run by a non-profit organisation committed to emancipation, social, legal and social equality and acceptance of gay men, bisexuals and lesbians, and also for those who do not want socially dominant gender roles or to conform (as masculine women, feminine men and queers) or assume a different physical gender identity throughout their lives (such as transgenders and transsexuals). They believe that to achieve visibility for diversity is particularly necessary. The primary objective of the Amsterdam Pride Foundation is to organise activities and events in a wide range of diverse public spaces.

Amsterdam Pride has to be one of the greatest Pride events around the World and this year you will have the opportunity to see it for yourself online. You can watch PrideTV on the Pride Amsterdam Website and on a special YouTube Channel.

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