There has been a long and recognised relationship between the Gay community and those of us who choose to cross dress or redefine the gender boundaries. In the past those outside of this community only associated transgender in the form of the drag queens and entertainers. However in this era of greater acceptance of the individual there is now a greater understanding of TVs, TSs and cross dressers. For OutUK Andrea explores the close bond between gay men and the girls.
Surprisingly few girls are genuinely gay, many are however bi-sexual, but if we are honest most would say that they are heterosexual. But – and it’s a big BUT, – all girls dream, fantasise, and long for a handsome man to take them out and treat them like a real Lady.

The gay man often fits this criteria – as both communities are receptive to tolerance and the need for social interaction. We both feel the need to be well groomed and of a smart – sharp appearance. This doesn’t mean suit and tie, but for us girls there will be man with her who generally will be looking after his body and appearance. We like this!

For us girls this means it will be the rare, but much sought after chance, to show off our glad rags – which for many like me will be our highest heels, and our sexiest and shortest micro mini skirt! Hence why we love to have a real man on our arm. I suppose in a way we also think that we are dressing to please our man. If you have ever spent an evening in 6” stilettos – you will know what I mean! It in a subtle way is also quite subservient. But beware, as we girls love to flirt. So – it’s not too surprising – if once in a while we step over the sexual divide and experiment. For many this is also a realisation that we too have feelings and desires for a real man.

For many gay men, this also provides the level of comfort and security they so often seek, especially where the girl is very convincing. This is also very true for most “girls” and is the main reason preventing many from taking the plunge and stepping out into the real world and not just hiding behind closed doors. This mutual need for acceptance into the surrounding society is often still there for both of us. Mind you – because of the way us girls love to dress, we are never far away from attracting attention to ourselves. I’m afraid I’m no exception, as only last week I was taken out to a night club in London wearing 6” stiletto heels, thigh high, black leather boots and a 10” micro mini skirt which Kylie would have been proud of. Even so, there is the underlying comfort that we are with someone else.

A dance, a cuddle – and maybe a little bit more – you guys are the perfect gentlemen – you ought to be proud of yourselves. Despite my appearance, I have never been treated disrespectfully or harshly. Indeed I think sometimes you are afraid to ask in case I may say no...for a dance at least.

Of course there are many where there is a genuine gay relationship, and we girls see no distinction with another girl of that persuasion. We may even be a little envious at times. Like everything else in life – we too come in all manner of forms – from pure cross dressers, though to drag queens and to those who have gone for the full operation. In respect to the later – the agenda is a little different – they invariably would be seeking the company of a partner who sees them only and purely as a real woman and not necessarily that of a former man. Drag Queens are yet another facet of our girls desires – but are unashamedly trying to be in both Girl and Boy camps simultaneously.
Besides the obvious sexual buzz, we two factions share so much more – the nightlife of many of our cities often centres on a geographical nucleus of clubs, bars restaurants and hotels that cater for the gay clientele rarely would turn away a glamorous girl. Well I’ve never found one yet. Indeed many girls get reduced admission charges, no doubt to reward them for all their effort to dress up...I wish.

But beyond these dedicated venues there are many more instances where we have much in common. The recognition over the last decade in particular of the Pink Pound has broken down many barriers in society. Retailers now recognise that your money provides a lucrative market place, and it’s catching on for us girls. We now have the Lavender Pound, and in respect to general retail outlets – ladies fashions shops for example – many are totally conversant and helpful in accommodating us.

So when you next see a stunning looking girl in a club – pay her the compliment of asking her for a dance – she might just say yes – I would!


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