Cross-dresser Andrea is a regular OutUK reader. In this exclusive feature she gives a girl's perspective of what it's like to wear women's clothes out on the streets of London, not just in a club, and the effect she has amongst the male population who see her.
Out and about as Andrea for me is the equivalent of having sex continually for a whole day as it gives me a real buzz.

I'm a cross dresser - no operations, no pills - but just fortunate to have legs that go on forever and an ability to walk in teetering heels. I suppose, if I'm honest, I have always been attracted to a real woman wearing a mini skirt and heels and when I found I could dress as equally provocatively, I was in permanent seventh Heaven. I wanted to be seen as this sexy girl, so going out and about as Andrea became an inevitable next step.

Because for me it is just such a great turn on to be out, I find that this was not to be something I needed to do as an everyday necessity. Firstly it's totally physically and emotionally draining, and secondly, if I were to do it to often it would cease to be my treat away from my everyday male life. For Andrea has her whole own world and my two lives remain totally separate.
Many might suggest that this fantasy is just another example of the common fetish of cross-dressing and they are probably right. But when it comes to stepping out that door as Andrea, there is a combination of nervousness, excitement and sexual tension that would be hard to equal.

So where do I go, what do I do and most importantly, as every girl will know, what do I wear? Well I do quite a lot of photo shoots for all sorts of magazines and internet sites, usually but not exclusively for the TGirl market. But I'm just as happy to head down London's Oxford Street, or the leather clothes shops down Brick Lane, because I have that confidence to go out.

My passion for short skirts and stiletto heels always gets me noticed by the men. They also have the advantage that whilst they're admiring the legs they fail to notice the shortcomings that my makeup may not quite hide.

It's a worthwhile trade-off but though I enjoy the obvious clichés of dressing provocatively, I do tone down my look to suit where I'm going. In my opinion you can still wear a pinstripe miniskirt suit and look every bit the glamorous and sexy secretary without crossing the fine line of looking (well you know what I mean!).

So do I get a toot of white-van-man's horn or wolf whistles from the building sites - you bet! And its great. But I wouldn't let them know that - I would just teeter on regardless. But that doesn't mean that I'm not approachable in the right circumstances and venue.

Us girls also like to go for a drink or clubbing, and usually it's the gay venues I find the most fun and most accommodating. It's true there are an increasing number of good TGirl clubs, but there one finds all girls with only a small number of admirers with only one thing in mind and no fun along the way. So for me gay clubs are far more fun. Every girl dressed for the occasion loves to flirt a little, and I'm no exception.

So where does this leave my sexuality? Like many "girls" I only ever saw myself as a heterosexual. But as Andrea I found that the looks alone don't make a personality, and that I soon discovered my other self had desires and expectations just like every other girl. I liked being treated as a girl and find a little intimacy enjoyable. As a result and with the right man, I do find myself definitely straying along the bisexual road. Dressing the way I do does tend to engender a stiff reaction, on the dance floor anyway!

So if you see me in your club one night, come over ask this girl for a dance... she might just say yes! And if you're driving your white van and you see me in East London, give me two toots and you might just get a wave!


Photography courtesy Don Allen Photographic. The pictures were taken around Brick Lane and at O2 Brasserie, Bethnal Green Road, London.


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