First Published: June 2007
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Summer is here and has announced its picks for the top 10 beach scenes in the world--those with the hottest beaches and coolest night life--at least according to TripAdvisor travellers and editors.

1. Scene of the Prime: South Beach, Miami, Florida

Miami is the land of the beautiful, and home to the best people watching this side of the equator.

SoBe is the epicenter of sexy, with celebrities, locals and tourists competing in a game of skimpy attire "can you top(less) this".

South Beach. Courtesy: Miami CVB
The city's white sand-covered beaches are among the finest in the world, and there might not be a better combination of sand, clubs and nightlife anywhere. More
2. Club Hub:
Ibiza, Spain

Originally a hippy hotspot, now also home to hipsters, Ibiza has developed a reputation as the world's biggest night club. The south side of Ibiza is where most of the action is, and the island also features marvellous soft sandy beaches that gently lead bathers into the mild Mediterranean. More

3. Party in a Can:
Cancun, Mexico

This spring break Mecca keeps the heat turned up year round. Cancun features the postcard image of white-sand beaches with the clear blue ocean that down-time dreams are made of.

Los Molinos on Ibiza.
Add a hopping night scene that regularly hosts some of the world's top DJs, and Cancun is a hot spot that can't be missed.
4. Muy Caliente:
Rio de Janiero, Brazil

If you can't make it to Rio for Carnival, don't worry, the party never stops on Copacabana Beach. This city is a beachgoers paradise-Rio features more than 40 miles of uninterrupted white-sand and the city's 10 million citizens will help visiting night owls samba 'til dawn. More
Rio de Janiero. Courtesy: Rio de Janeiro Tourist Office.
5. Riviera Revelry: Nice, France
Luxuriating in the French Riviera sure is Nice. This famous vacation destination is nestled into hills rising up from the magnificent shores of the Mediterranean, and the longtime resort of French aristocrats is quaint by day and buzzing by night.

6. Thai One On: Phuket, Thailand
Beautiful clear blue water with white sand beaches surrounded by a lush rainforest might lead travelers to believe they have discovered Nirvana, but the island offers far more, with world-class resorts and nightlife, particularly in the hopping Patong.

7. Paradise Found: Mykonos, Greece
When you have a spot called Paradise Beach, it's got to be good. Hordes of scantily-clad sunbathers plant themselves at the picturesque beaches of Mykonos before heading into Chora for some umbrella drinks and all-night dancing.

8. Solid Gold: Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

With outstanding beaches and a wealth of water activities, the Gold Coast is an amazing beach experience for travellers during the day, and at night, the in-crowd heads to the town of Surfer's Paradise, where the party goes on until the wee hours. More Michaelemas Cay on the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns.
9. Baja Bash: Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico
This gem at the tip of the Baja peninsula is home to first class beaches and resorts, offers travelers some exceptional outdoor activities, and for evening entertainment, the energy is infectious along the city's main drag, Bulevar Marina.

10. Hang Loose: Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii
The most happenin' hot spot on Hawaii can be found at Honolulu's Waikiki Beach where travelers are draped in leis and bask on the famed island's gorgeous beaches. At night, the tiki torches are lit, and the nightclubbing game is afoot.

"If you plan to visit these hot beach scenes this summer, prepare for a show," said Michele Perry, director of communications for TripAdvisor. "Travellers may want to buff up or cover up before baring skin at these hip hot spots."


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