First Published: February 2006
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If your party or event needs a little brightening up, how would a semi-naked butler fit the bill? New company Be My Butler could be the answer. Sporting little more than a collar, cuff and apron, their toned hunks will definitely spice up any occasion according to co-founder Steve Cook who's been telling us more.
OutUK: Where did the idea for Be My Butler come from?
Steve: Basically, having been a gogo dancer for Chris Geary for about 6 months I decided I knew enough athletic guys to start the company up and get some good photographs for a website by having some small parties with friends and inviting the guys along as a kind of test run.

We are only just starting to have some real success, with enquiries coming in, mainly from the internet, on a daily basis.

OutUK: If you hire your company's you get a choice of guys?
Steve: With regards to having a pick of which guys attend a party, we do not offer that as it would be impossible to please everyone since there may be multiple bookings on one evening, so it is best not to suggest we can do so in the first place.
OutUK: What sort of costs are involved?
Steve: We currently charge 50.00 per butler per hour outside of London and 60.00 per butler per hour inside the M25. Travel is charged at 40p per mile from where we are sending a guy from. We have guys at different cities to keep costs down for the client.
OutUK: What do you look for in a butler?
Steve: Basically, when recruiting, we want to steer clear of the dodgy stripper type image.

I think Men and women prefer someone they can talk to and have a good conversation with, rather than someone lubed up in oil, shouting sexy inuendos.

We obviously look for athletic guys, who like going to the gym, but thats not the most important thing. We've turned down applications from guys that are just too big. We want someone with a nice body, that knows how to converse with a room of people rather than someone that is just pure muscle.

> OutUK: Where do you find your butlers?
Steve: We have found some nice guys. I have just started dancing at Federation events in my spare time and have met some guys through that, who are possibilities. Other than that, I have been round some of the local gyms and asked some of the other butlers to do the same, giving out business cards to prospective candidates.

OutUK: Your guys must have had some pretty outrageous experiences...
Steve: It's a great job and you get to meet some really nice people. The guys are basically getting paid to socialise although, we state in the contracts we provide that nothing of a sexual nature must occur at a party.

With regards to the outrageous, theres been a few! The guys seem to have the greatest response from women in their 50's who simply love the fact that these young charming gentlemen are cleaning up for them after a party and serving them champagne and nipples all evening. Gay men can be quite reserved in my experience, it's only when the drinks continue to flow that the bum touching starts. Someone actually put their business card between my bum cheeks once and asked me to call them. I know the other guys have had their share of offers. People seem to relish the idea of a photo opportunity, you just have to be careful as the picture is about to be taken, for partygoers seem to have a knack of whipping up your apron just as the picture is taken!

We don't encourage things like that obviously, as its all tongue in cheek fun. There's never been a time where things have ever got out of control, the responses we get back are just great.

For more info check out or call Chris at 0790 3336606.


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