First Published: June 2004
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If you looking for some suggestions to liven up your summer bookshelf, here are a couple of recent books from gay publisher Bruno Gmünder reviewed by OutUK's Ernie Areldete. All are obtainable direct from Amazon.


This is the first instalment in a series of soft-core gay male fantasy comics which are almost like a PG-rated cartoon version of that icon of gay culture Queer As Folk. Joe Boy is the creation of graphic artist Joe Phillips whose style is immediately recognisable.

He made the animated gay video The House Of Morecock and his work is increasingly being used for advertising, most recently in gay magazines in the states by Budweiser.

There are four five-page stories, and seven four-page scenarios with titles like School Daze, The Outfielder and Beach Bummed. Every drawing is clean-cut, youth oriented and thoroughly wholesome, while still managing to remain arousing and sexy. No dick shots, nor even a hint of pubes, but lots of broad shoulders, tight abs and slim waists in suggestive situations and poses. There’s more skateboarders than anything else, but there’s also hikers, football players, swimmers and guys walking the dog.
Basically, any excuse to get outside and interact with other hormonally charged guys. It'll definitely put a smile on your face.

Adventures of A Joe Boy! Volume 1 by Joe Phillips. Bruno Gmünder 2004. Order online from Amazon.
Also available For The Boys


The luridly titled Sex Bomb! is loaded with attractive young men photographed in black and white by Lalli X. Most resemble high-class fashionistas, but a few could be cleaned up street urchins. All of them, I would guess are in their mid-twenties, perhaps two could range up into their early thirties, posed exclusively indoors in bland and non-descript rooms that never distract the eye from the choice subjects themselves.
Sex Bomb! is thoroughly clean-cut. No erections, and only one flaccid member. But these specimens are so attractive you can easily imagine what dwells under their tighty whitey Calvin Klein’s. They all seem to favour designer underwear.

The long-haired blonde on the cover is my favourite. His chiseled facial features are displayed to great effect in several other pictures. There’s also a skinhead with heavily protruding, pouting lips that should not be missed. There’s also three pictures of a macho stud with dark and thick Medusa-like curly hair near the back of the book who could easily carry an entire volume on his own.

Most of the men are fresh meat. There’s only one that I vaguely recognize, the oldest looking one of the lot. He has a sunburst encircling Chinese characters tattooed on his right shoulder. I think I may have seen him in a Titan Media video. Very pleasurable browsing sipping a cocktail outside or in.

SEX BOMB! by Lalli X. 2004 Bruno Gmünder. Available online from Amazon


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