First Published: Before August 2002
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.

OutUK's Profiles are perfect if you want to quickly and easily put your face, or more, to your chat room nickname, but if you're looking for a full online dating and matchmaking site then you need to check out The Cage Gaygency which offers a host of dynamic and interactive gay dating services.
Gaygency was created as a development of the website of former gay venue The Cage in Croydon but the site was so technologically sophisticated that its expanded considerably beyond its original roots. Developer of the site Andrew Newlands says "We want to provide all the services of our competitors but at a much higher level of quality, without forgoing an elegant design. We've also invented new and interesting ways of allowing the gay community to interact, and we are continually adding exclusive new developments to the site from our our own imaginative team."
Registration is free and you can enjoy all the main elements of Gaygency without paying. There is enhanced Gold Membership available if you want to see Picture Galleries, Movies and have enhanced Search facilities.

Message Boards

The Gaygency has a large message board section that is divided into topics, examples include Gay News and Flirt/Sex Talk. Each topic then divides into all the conversations of you members. Andrew says "Our boards are a highly active part of our site and bloom some truly enlightening conversations."


The Personal Ads section is a really popular area of the site featuring pages and pages of ads. You can post your own adverts complete with photo and edit and amend the ad whenever you want.


There's a powerful search engine facility so you can easily find your perfect match. Options include Home Town, Eye Colour and Sexual Role.


Your profile can be personalized with as much intimate detail as you'd like including favourite things, descriptions of outward appearance and what kind of man you're looking for. You also have the option to upload 3 personal pictures into their profile. Some or all of these pictures can be made private to disclose only to select members via instant messaging.

Instant Messaging

Members can instant message each other in total privacy. There is also the option to be notified by email and/or pop-up window when an instant message has been received. Pictures can also be attached to instant messages.


You're represented online with an avatar or you can upload an image of your own which is attached to all instant messages, message board posts, personal ads and chat conversations.

Fame & Affection

Each member has a fame and popularity value. Popularity is calculated by the number of profile / personal ad views that member has received in 24 hours. Fame is a factor of the amount of affection that member has received. The most famous and popular members are displayed on the front pages of the site for all to see. Members can also use the Kissing Booth to be affectionate to other members. A variety of actions within the Kissing Booth alter the other members popularity. A notification for the receiving member is also attached to each action, with the option of attaching a message or remaining anonymous.

Match Maker

The Gaygency Match Maker analyses your profile and compares it to all the other Gaygency members profiles. It then lists the top 20 profiles for you to check out and there's even an Ignore list for adding profiles you are not interested in.

The site has 50 chatrooms and Gold members can also see regularly updated photo galleries and movie clips. You can choose whether you want other members to know when you're on the site or remain invisible and you can also email direct from the site.


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