The term "Chav" may have its origins in the Romani word "chavi", meaning "child". For the last two decades though it's been used to refer to a type of anti-social, uncultured youth, who wears much flashy jewellery, white athletic shoes, baseball cap and sham designer clothes.

What at first seemed to be the mainstay of straight council blokes soon permeated its way into the gay scene. You may have thought that with all the negative press Chav culture has received over the years that it would be a short-lived fad, but gay guys across the UK have really taken it to heart.

The word has been around since the 19th century but to some it's a very modern fetish. Just take a look around. Is that designer jewellery - or bad bling? Is he wearing Prada - or Kappa? Is the look Bond Street - or High Street? These days, it could be either.

Still not convinced? Have a look at any number of websites now dedicated to Chavs and their admirers. Better yet, why not experience the real thing?

There was always the chance to pull one at Rude Boyz, until the madness of this pandemic it was one of London's many Chav nights. Above all, the biggest sign that Chav culture is now a fixture on the gay scene is the endless and continuing popularity of Chav porn!

John Melton sat down with Reece, one of the stars of Zipper's ever popular Euroboy release, 'Dirty Chavs Innit' now an incredible 15 years old, to find out what all the fuss is about. Is it about gay guys playing it straight, or do they really like those Burberry caps?

OutUK: Hi Reece, so what's your take on the whole Chav thing?

Reece: Personally, I think it's great. I don't really get why people say it's a new thing. My mates was what you'd call Chavs way before Vicky Pollard was around.

OutUK: Why do you think so many guys have bought into it?

Reece: It's like anything, innit? Lots of blokes are just into it cos it's, like, the thing of the moment. That's just a few though. Lots of people grew up on estates and I guess it's about fancyin' the bloke next door. It's about bein' who you are, maybe.

OutUK: With all the emphasis on council estates and rough lads, do you think it's just gay guys playing it straight?

Reece: Everyone's about playin' it straight ain't they? Look on Gaydar, everyone's 'Straight Acting' you know what I mean? It's just ladz who like ladz. Everybody likes a bit of rough, innit? Just think about the hard ladz at school you'd a loved to take behind the gym!

OutUK: So what did you think when you got the call to make 'Dirty Chavs…Innit!'?

Reece: I was well up for it, I done some films before with Euroboy and like workin' with 'em. They always got good ladz and I thought this film was different than what's been done before.

OutUK: What was your favourite scene to film?

Reece: Easy. My threesome with Jay and Alex. We was all well up for it and Alex is a great shag! I came buckets.

OutUK: What's the horniest Chav scene you could imagine?

Reece: I've always had a thing about the bloke who used to live round the corner from ours. He's so fit and a real ladz lad. I used to see him at the bus stop and thought about how horny it would be just to pull down his trackies right there and have him. He looks like a right filthy shag as well, you know what I mean?

OutUK: What's your favourite bit of Chav kit that you own?

Reece: I don't really think of it like that, you know? It's, like, just my gear. I guess if I had to say though, I love my Ecko suit I bought a while ago.

OutUK: One last question, are you a dirty Chav?

Reece: I'm in the video ain't I?

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