First Published: March 2007
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Whether it's Brad Pitt or Ryan Phillippe who gets your motor running, I know there's been many a time you've found yourself going through an actor's filmography in the hopes of stumbling upon that all essential nude scene. has made everyone's job a little easier - instead of suffering through Alexander, you know Colin Farrell takes it off in Ask The Dust too, as OutUK correspondent Ross von Metzke reports.
I remember when I was 13 years old, the VCR was my best friend. I used to curl up on the sofa Sunday mornings with a highlighter and the TV Guide and go through marking off which movies (and airtimes) I planned to tape throughout the week.

Thing is, I wasn’t scanning TV Guide for Spielberg and Scorcese. More like Shannon … as in Tweed… as in late night star of such D-grade fare as Indecent Behavior and it’s two sequels, Illicit Dreams and, my personal favourite, Night Eyes.

Now much as I love Shannon (and, let me get this straight—I LOVE Shannon Tweed), I taped these movies in the dim hope that with one of Shannon’s many topless scenes would come a halfway decent looking man who’d drop his pants and give this horny 13-year-old a peak at his arse.

Pathetic, I know, but mum blocked all the Pay Per View adult channels, so a teen’s gotta do what a teen’s gotta do.

Of course, the result was usually a lot of fast-forward, pause, wash of disappointment followed a frantic stab at the rewind button to note that this shit could be taped over. Occasionally, I stuck gold—like who knew that before Nick Cassavetes (son of Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes) directed his mum in The Notebook, he starred in a soft core porn called Body of Influence… and showed off his dick? But mostly, it was one letdown after another.

God bless the advent of and if you don't know what I'm talking about, glue your eyes to this. Just like gives you access to every last movie your favourite actors and actresses have ever made, CNDB offers an inside look to your favourite stars, just from a slightly different angle. The site gives you the detailed scoop on every actor and actress under the sun’s resume of nude scenes, and whether all you get is a plumber’s crack or you’re exposed to the whole enchilada, Celebrity Nudity Database has the goods, and boy, is it good! Since more than a decade has passed since my late night taping adventures and we’re now blessed with HD, DVD, Blu-Ray and all that brilliant modern technology, I decided to plug in the names of a few of our favourites and see just what I turned up!
Brad Pitt – You knew I was gonna go there, didn’t you? Come on—he’s the Sexiest Man Alive three times running. Other than the obvious (Thelma & Louise, Legends of the Fall), who knew I could get a brief, all be it dim and blurred, glimpse at Bradley’s pecker in the serial killer indie Kalifornia. And while many of you have complained that Troy shows all there is to show of Brad without really showing anything at all, if you pause it just right, according to one die hard fan, you can catch the most recent cinematic glimpse at his dick. Nice stuff.

Paul Walker has thrown caution to the wind and dropped his trousers three times on film. The most famous, of course, is his nearly 6 minute nude scene in the thriller Joyride. But we’ve also found that a young Paul dropped his pants for butt shots in the football drama Varsity Blues and the mafia thriller Running Scared.

And while I know some of you are anti Ryan Phillippe ever since you found out he more than likely cheated on Reese, that doesn’t make him any less hot. If you’ve warped the hell out of your 54 DVD and Cruel Intentions just doesn’t pack the punch it used to, try Homegrown on for size. It’s a little seen 1998 movie about pot, but it’s also got a long and lovely shot of Ryan’s ass and (quell surprise) his balls.

Speaking of balls, Alexander isn’t the only movie to show off Colin Farrell in all his glory. Full frontal shots of Colin were intended to be in both Ask The Dust and A Home At The End Of The World, but were cut from theatrical versions. Fear not. CMDB reports that in the case of Ask the Dust on DVD, his romantic drama with Salma Hayek, you get a clear view of his member as he climbs on into the pool. Nice.

And who knew Will Smith would go all Big Willie Style on us and show of that rock hard ass of his? Will seems like such a family man, and while I knew about his almost nude scene in the gay hustler drama Six Degrees Of Separation, I had now clue he’d actually gone all the way in, of all things, I Robot. Yup. It might seem like your typical Will Smith action flick, but here, Will lays his gorgeous ass out on film in a very nice shower sequence. Now that’s worth the price of a rental right there.


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