First Published: January 2003
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CollegeBoysLive There's a thrill to being in front of camera or a microphone. TV and Radio stars live for it, that rush of adrenaline as the red light goes on and thousands see what they do and hear what they say. A group of guys in Orlando, Florida know that feeling only too well, they are online 24/7 in front of twenty four cameras and eight microphones.
CollegeBoysLive broadcasts every moment of their day - when they are asleep, when they are awake, and most notably when they are having sex. With their recently upgraded webcam technology you can watch a non stop stream of recent and live videos.
We've been to visit CollegeBoysLive to find out how the webcam site has changed over the past two decades, and to meet some of the guys who are in front of the cams. Zac Adams is the founder of CollegeBoysLive and is now celebrating it's fourth house and eighteen years of being on the net. CollegeBoysLive

Zac: Well it all started years ago when I came out. I put up a couple of pictures of me, on a personal webpage, and then I added a chat that I found on somebody else's site, and then a webcam and before I knew it I had a load of people coming in everyday chatting away. The webcam became 4 or 5 webcams watching me all day, and it grew and grew, and it got to the stage when I would come home and spend every evening adding and adding to the site.

Then 15 years ago we moved all of CollegeBoysLive to a new house which was fitted out especially from the start, going from 800 sq feet to about 4500 sq feet, adding in a massive pool in a much bigger house that's on a lake in a half million dollar neighbourhood. I totally rebuilt the site with a whole new layout, new computers and new cameras, and it was at that point the site really took off.

The success has continued and there's great satisfaction in working on something that people like so much. We've manage to keep many of our original members, and the number of people who come to CollegeBoysLive has gone up and up. It's like a rollercoaster ride with all the ups and downs, but it does kind of take over my life. I work on CBL 7 days a week from the moment I get up in the morning to the moment I go to bed.

OutUK: So how many cameras do you have now in the house?

CollegeBoysLive Zac: Currently we have 24 cameras in the house including one for the hottub in the garden, one on the patio, all the bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the chatroom, lounge, kitchen and workout room. Some of the cameras can be controlled by you and there's audio feeds available from many of the rooms too.

OutUK: How does it feel, knowing that you are on show all the time you are in the house?

Zac: You really just get used to it. It's really weird because once, a year or so ago we had a piece of equipment break which meant that we were not connected to the Internet for about a day, and it actually felt weird. The guys were wondering around moaning "Nobody can see us!!!" You really get so used to it, you don't really notice the cameras are there.

OutUK: Do you ever find it off-putting. If you've brought a guy back or something?

Zac: Generally you may find the other person is a bit nervous, or it can go the other way and they can love it. I always tell them what to expect, and some of them get off on the idea. We have loads of parties at the house with regular guests who know what to expect and enjoy being on cam together with the guys who live here. CollegeBoysLive

OutUK: How difficult is it to find the guys for the cam?

Zac: Yes it is difficult. I am not just looking for a roommate, it's much more than that. It has to be someone who is cute and looks good on camera. That's the first concern, but then you have to consider that we all live here. It's not like going into work, and not getting on with someone there, we have to share the house with each other, so we have to get on. They have to be someone with a good personality who will fit in.

We go into chatrooms on the net and tell people what we a looking for and get the people who respond to fill out a questionnaire. It's really detailed and has about 20 questions, which is more to make them really think about what it would be like to do this. We have to know what they would do if they got into the house and found out that they didn't like it. We would much rather they changed their mind before they arrived than after they got in, because once they are in we take loads of pictures, and modify all the web pages. If they didn't like it then and moved out it would be a lot of wasted work.

OutUK: And have people stayed for the full six months they signed up for?

Zac: Yeah, most have stayed. A couple have moved out as they have found a new boyfriend and moved in with them, or have moved away for work reasons, one or two got bored, and one or two found they really didn't like it, so moved out.


The guys in the house change around every few months and when we paid a visit to CBL there to meet us, apart from Zac, was Chad, Patrick, Kris and Zac's then boyfriend Jonathan. The two of them met in a local gay club in Orlando, and when Zac brought Jonathan to the house for the first time he says he was "shocked, and somewhat scared".

Jonathan: At first I didn't want to show my body on there, but now I have got used to it. It's nice having people watching you, somehow you are never home alone. I love the interaction with all the other guys online. There's always someone to talk to, and you find that you have friends out there, even if we have never actually met them. It's kind of interesting and I get guys to send me pictures of themselves and sometimes they ask for photos of me too.

People often ask me to get naked, and if I feel I want to then I do. It depends on my mood. Most nights I do tend to take everything off for at least half an hour or so when I am in the chatroom. If I got naked everytime someone asked me to I would never be wearing any clothes, as people chat to us all day and night. It really doesn't bother me any more being naked or jacking off on cam if that's what people want me to do.

The best thing about it is that there are people out there who see you on the cam and fantasise about you. They think that there is a chance for them to get off with one of the guys in the house, so they get really flirty with you. I had really low self-esteem before I moved in here, and now it's gone sky high. CollegeBoysLive

Chad: I've only just moved in here and I sometimes think this is a strange thing to do, chatting to people you have never met. I like the friendship between all the guys and with the members online too. I took to the getting naked part really well and didn't really have a problem about it. It's no big deal for me to take all my clothes off, in fact I rather like it.

The comments that you get from people are fun too. Sometime if you get someone being bitchy to you, the other guys stand up for you, or you get members who pull them apart and look out for you. I like the fact that sometimes people recognise me, and tell me that they think I'm really hot. It puts you in a really good mood for the rest of the day.

There have been a couple of hundred guys pass through CollegeBoysLive since it started, and some of the house's previous occupants have been talking about their experiences in front of the cams. Steven is between jobs, Matty works in the furniture department of a local stationery store, Chris is a hairdresser and lived in the house with his boyfriend Tim, and two former camguys Charles and John have all shared their stories. We found out what life was like for them all, and what attracted them to CollegeBoysLive.

OutUK: What's it like to be on camera 24 hours a day?

Steven: It's actually quite flattering, knowing that at any given moment somebody is watching you. They watch you sleep, iron clothes, cook, or take a shower. I mean it's really flattering, and I suppose I'm an attention getting person, but it's really cool. Occasionally I feel I want to get away, but that's what the front door is for, you leave the house. Everybody needs to get away from it all at sometime, and you come back to it when you feel you are able to handle it once again.

OutUK: How long do people watch you sleep for?

Steven: Well I don't know, but they do watch. They tell me in the chat that they've been watching and that I look really cute when I'm asleep. There's a lot of foot fetish people out there too, and they sit there watching and waiting for you to move and your feet to pop out from under the covers, so I don't know. I suppose it depends on their patience.


OutUK: Do you like the adulation?

Matty: Yes sure LOL. That's one of the things that got me into the house because I like to show off. I like the idea of people watching me when I jack, although they've never seen me in action as I've never brought anyone back here for that.

Chris: I like the attention too. I am an attention whore, that's all there is to it. I am a big Leo, and I am a big ham. That's the main reason why I do this. I like to make people happy and I guess this kind of makes people happy. There are times when I feel I would rather not have the camera on me, but mostly it feels so natural, that I completely forget about it.

Steven: I like the interaction on a personal level. I like the fact that they can see you, but you can't see them, and it always makes it fun. You don't care what they are like physically because you get to know them on a different level. I met a couple of people at the recent Disney Gay Days, we had put out on the site that we would be there in a specific location, and some people came along and met us. A lot of them just sit they watching but don't ever chat, and some others take part in the chat and have talked to us on the phone, and they are just some of best people I've talked to. You can get up in the morning and walk in the kitchen, and look at the monitor only to see ten different people saying "Hi", and you don't get that normally. That's really cool, and makes you feel good.

OutUK: How do you approach the chatroom. Is it the home work you haven't done for three weeks or the focal point of the day?

Steven: It depends on what you mood is on that day. If you are in a really horrible mood then it can be difficult. I've just got over some serious mental stress, and at that time chat for me was a trial. I didn't want to be in that chair in front of loads of people being asked 20 million questions. On most days now though I really enjoy it. I want to know what going on in people's lives and they want to know what's going on in mine.

Matty: I get a lot of people asking how my day went at work and stuff like that. It's difficult sometimes because you can have a load of questions thrown at you all at the same time, all on different subjects. You can lose the plot very easily if you walk away from the screen for more than a minute or two. We have a lot of new members coming in, and they always want to know about our body. That can get a bit annoying as they constantly ask. The big question is, if you are wearing something, and they want you to take it off. I don't usually take it off if they ask, I do it when I feel like it. Sometimes I'll do a porn show when I'm in the chat, I don't have a problem doing it, I just want to do it of my own free will and not at their demand. I normally prefer to get myself off on the bed rather than in the chat, but I realise people really want to see me do it.

OutUK: Is that the norm, does everyone get off on camera?


Matty: Yes all of us like to jack on camera, unless of course we are having sex with someone. Personally, I like to jack in the morning, and once I answered the door naked whilst I was doing it. People know what they are coming into when they come here, and they don't have a problem with it.

OutUK: I suppose some people must think that they own you, as they can see you all the time, even when you are asleep?

Zac: Yes you sometimes get that problem on the chat side, when they say "I've paid my membership, I want you to get naked, and have sex". We have to explain that they are looking at our lives, and that this is not a sex site. For two hours a day each of us talk with people online, but that doesn't mean that we are puppets who do everything that we are told. There are a lot of sex sites that will do that, but we are somewhat different.

OutUK: But it must get a problem if 4 or 5 or 6 times a night someone says "Get your shorts off"?

Zac: Oh yeah, it happens, and you just get used to handling it. And sometimes you do get your shorts off. It all depends on how we feel, and the way in which people ask you. It would be more of a problem I suppose if they never asked, or told you to put them back on!

Chris: I think they see me get off enough that they really don't bug me too much. It doesn't bother me if they want to see my arse, or something like that, but I haven't really had anybody ask me to do something I didn't want to, or be too forceful with me. I suppose I am so giving, and I do my shows most mornings, when I have sex with Tim. As far as jacking during the chat it's not something I do every night, or would want to. Typically I am so busy doing other things, I don't want to jack. Tim and I organise ball shaving nights and things like that, because as much as I like being in front of the cameras I don't like to get into heavy and detailed chat conversations. I don't really like to reveal much about myself, as I think it makes me look a bit boring.

OutUK: You say you put on a show with Tim, but it's for real isn't it?

Chris: Oh yes, Tim and I are for real. We like being watched, we are very voyeuristic people. We are not going to move the cameras so you can get the very best possible views, but we are happy to have them there so you can watch us and get your rocks off. I think he and I are the only ones to have actual sex whilst in the chat, we like to stop the chat halfway and go at it.


OutUK: What's the reaction of people when you do that?

Chris: You know, I'm so busy at the time LOL. I am sure they are saying, move the camera a little lower or something, but I'm really focussed on other things. We have a lot of sex first thing in the morning, I guess we are re-energised then.

OutUK: And do you still do it if there are other guys in the room?

Chris: Oh we really don't care. If we are horny and we want each other right now, we just go at it, and if whoever is in the room doesn't want to watch it, well they can leave. Most of the time they are asleep so it doesn't bother them.

OutUK: What do you like about being on CollegeBoysLive?

Zac: Well it's great because you get a lot of people talking about their coming out issues and stuff like that, they talk through their problems and often people in the chatroom try and help each other. The bad side is that sometimes people are totally fake and try and lead you on. We had one guy who said he was dying of AIDS and we spent a lot of time with him, even called him several times on the phone, and he turned out to be totally fake. But that's unusual.

We all have a following of certain people who like to come on and chat when we are on and maybe the others aren't. We quite often chat to people privately online, or talk with them on the phone, and then you also have a few fans who are obsessed with each of us, and may change their work schedules around when we are on line, or when we get up or stuff like that. That's a little unusual though. CollegeBoysLive

Charles: I like the fact that there is never a dull moment, and if you want a dull moment, you don't have to be here. I like chatting to people, it's just fun entertainment, and I like to be at the centre of it. CollegeBoysLive really has changed my life because the very first kiss between John and I was on the chatcam. We had a lot of people on the site that would help the relationship and be really supportive, but there would also be a few others who'd try and start a fight. It was kinda unusual to start a relationship in front of the cameras, and let everyone watch it grow.

OutUK: Weren't you ever shy?

Charles: When I first came in to the house I was the most shy person you can get. It took me a month to get comfortable enough in front of the camera to even remove my boxers. It was really weird, I was never much of an exhibitionist and it kind of freaked me out, the fact that anyone could see me at any moment. Showers were particularly difficult to deal with at first you know. I wasn't very comfortable with it, but then it grows on you and you get to not notice the cameras after a while.

One of the funny things was that John and I would have sex, and then we'd come back into the living and scroll back on the chat to see a commentary on what we'd been up to. People quite often used to hold a debate on what position we were in, or what we were actually doing, and quite often they'd give us marks out of ten. Some would say "that was a really great job", and we used to think, well that was really just for us not for everyone watching.

For us it was just a thing to laugh at, but for some of the people watching it could get very serious. Often some people would discuss who was top, and who was bottom and what should happen next, and who should do what to the other. It made for excellent after sex reading.

John: I too had some reservations about all of this at first. A friend I was living with came across the site and said he was interested in moving in, and I told him that there was no way I was going to let him do that. I thought it was just a sleazy whorehouse kinda thing and it actually turned out that it wasn't. I came to visit the house, and came to see the guys here a couple of times and I thought it was kinda cool.

OutUK: I suppose a lot of people do think it is a "sleazy whorehouse kinda thing"?


John: It's not. It's a house with a bunch of guys living here, with cameras and microphones. That's what it is, and all it is. I think something like this would take off great in the UK, we do have quite a few members that are from the UK, but it can be a little difficult for them with the 5 hour time difference. I think a UK cam house would be a good thing, providing you got the right mix of people.

OutUK: Getting the right people and how well you all get on must be a major issue here?

Matty: Yeah, we all bitch at each other all of the time, that's the normal thing with all roommates. But normally when I am in a crabby mood I will go in my room and sit at my computer, and people know that when I am at my computer I don't want to join in. They leave me alone.

OutUK: It's very much a 24 hour a day house, with people in and out the whole time, does that make it very exhausting?

Chris: Oh I would say yes. Every since I have been here I really find I don't have time to do much else. I revolve my life around getting here, doing my thing, and as far as personal projects are concerned it's really quite hard to focus on them. When I wake up in the morning at about 9 or 9.30, I like to wake up Tim in more ways than one particularly if I am feeling horny, and sometimes we are then at it so much it makes us late for work, and so we have to have a very quick shower and get to work in a rush. By the time we are home in the evening we have the chat to do, more sex and then it's off to bed.

OutUK: Do you go out a lot?

Matty: No, I normally stay home, type things on the computer, watch TV or do anything relaxing. If there's someone to go and hang out with I do that, but I am really a homeboy.

OutUK: What's it like when you step outside, and get away from the cameras.

Steven: It's strange cause I go to other people's houses, and I am constantly looking for the cameras in their house! It's quite funny really. If people come here it's fun though.

People always want to know where they can stand or where they can be where they can't be seen, or which room it is where they can't be heard. After a while they get used to it, and some of them just love it. Like my boyfriend Jamie, when he came over, he was all about it, he loved it. He tried to push me out of chat and take over. I wasn't having that!

CollegeBoysLive Living at CBL is a lot of fun especially because we all look out for one another. The parties can get a little mad - like Matt who crashed out face down naked recently. He was fine but someone left some lube next to him with a sign that said "Safety First - Please use a condom!". We all had a great laugh, even Matt - when he finally woke up!
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