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Elton John and David Furnish have been voted Britain's most romantic same sex couple. In an online poll, Sir Elton and Furnish were supported by 31% of voters.

The pair met at a dinner party in 1993 and within a few weeks were being seen out in public together.

Furnish has said that he loves Sir Elton, although he can be difficult to live with at times. The couple established the film production company Rocket Pictures and in 1996 Furnish made 'Tantrums & Tiaras,' a warts-and-all fly-on-the-wall documentary about his lover. The film was later nominated for a Bafta award.

Elton posing with partner David Furnish before his 50th birthday party.
Photo : Amazon ZShop
George Michael and his long term partner Kenny Goss were runners up, with 28% of the vote. Their private relationship is said to have blossomed after the singer was publicly outed as gay in 1998 following his arrest on public sex charges.

The actress Sophie Ward and her partner Rena Brannan were found to be the most romantic lesbian couple. 19% voted for the pair, who made headlines in 1996 when Ward came out and left her husband. It was a move that mirrored that of a character she played in an adaptation of Joanna Trollope's 'A Village Affair' a year earlier. The couple have since held a commitment ceremony.

Sandi Toksvig, the comedian and television personality and her partner Alice Arnold, the radio presenter, scored 14% of the vote for their relationship. The couple live near to Toksvig's ex-girlfriend and the three children that they share.

Peter Mandelson and Reinaldo De Silva received only 8% of votes. The MP for Hartlepool was forced to resign his ministerial position last year over the Hinduja passport affair. Questions were also asked about his intervention in his Brazilian partner's attempts to gain British residency.


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