gets underway, the idea of an Arsenal fan snogging a Man United fan may seem unlikely, but it used to go on all the time at Sports and Shorts. In the early 2000s, Sports and Shorts grew into the UK’s biggest footie fetish night, regularly attracting a 250 plus crowd from across the country and the continent. Sadly the nights no longer happen, but the story of the guys who used to support rival teams and share a common kink for the kit is still a fascinating one.

“I felt a bit of a tosser drinking alone in my Gunners gear so the whole idea was to get a load of guys standing around with me in football kit,” says David Overkamp, instigator and promoter of Sports and Shorts.

“When I started (the event) I thought I was the only one. I didn’t expect anybody to turn up.” But Overkamp soon discovered he wasn’t the only gay guy to get a kick out of kit. “The scene is massive. It’s the new leather really.” You only have to trawl the net to see how popular the scene is. “The number of personal web pages featuring guys in kit has grown enormously,” says Overkamp.

Overkamp began getting off on kit while at school. “PE gave me stirrings. I was about eight I suppose, long before I knew anything about anything,” he says. His fetish for footie-wear has stayed with him ever since.

Ken (AKA Redsocks) also traces his hankering for guys in kit back to his childhood. “I suppose it has always been there since school days. It conjures up memories of encounters with both other boys and teachers in the changing rooms.”

Ken lives in Sheffield and set up a community site dedicated to guys into kit. Organiser of the UK’s only kit night outside London, Ken says some people take the scene to the extreme. “They’ve got the shin pads, the gloves, the whole business.” Ken, however, doesn’t take the scene too seriously. “You have to find the funny side of it, standing there, drinking in a pub in full football kit.”

David Goodson’s footie fantasies started when he was a teenager. “While watching football in the 70s I found certain players attractive and started noticing them in a sexual sense.” But it wasn’t until the 80s that Goodson really began to appreciate the game. “Shorts became shorter and tighter which showed off a player’s dick better and you could see the outline of the bum more clearly.”

Whilst the scene attracts genuine football fans, others are clearly just into the gear. “You see a lot of gay men in kit who you know have never kicked a football in their life,” says Goodson. “I make a point of telling people I actually play football because I know they’ll get off on it. It’s something I use to my advantage.”

And while some fans are fiercely loyal to their teams, Goodson doesn’t care which shirt he lifts. “I’m not bothered what top someone wears. I’m a bum and bulge man,” he says.

As with any scene, the kit clique encompasses a spin-off of fetishes, including trainers, shorts, socks and jockstraps. “I know one guy who likes nothing better than having my sweaty sock shoved in his mouth while I fuck him,” says Goodson.

Cum on kit is another big thing. “A lot of people get a kick out of someone spunking over their shorts and socks. I met this guy who insisted I cum over his Chelsea shirt. I ended up fucking him in my Wrexham kit while he was saying ‘Come on, fuck the Chelsea boy!'. Chelsea or not ... he was actually a bit of a well hung lad and so I was just grateful he didn't try to take me up the Arsenal."

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Photo: OutUK
Unusually, gay guys into kit aren’t really in a hurry to get each other out of their togs. “When you have sex you try and keep the kit on for as long as possible,” says Goodson. When it comes to the footie fetish scene, it seems the clothes really do maketh the man.
Christopher Kelly
For details of Sports and Shorts, see their tribute facebook page.


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