I'll Tumble For Ya

Hands up how many of you got a sly stiffy when play fighting with your mates. How many of you got hard when a mate sat astride your chest, pinning your arms down with his knees, your face just a couple of inches away from his groin? To be honest, all I felt was pain and an inability to breathe writes Christopher Kelly.
Former wrestling website owner Chris Geary claims schoolyard rough'n'tumbles were a turn-on. "We'd fumble around grabbing each other's crotches. The aim was to get your hand down the front of your opponent's trousers, grab his dick and pull on it". Well it beats kicking a can around at breaktime!
It was grappling in the playground as a kid that sparked off Geary’s interest in wrestling. Out of all sports wrestling is the most homoerotic. It’s not difficult to see why. Who wouldn’t get off on watching two agile guys throwing each other to the ground? The sporting terms alone such as pinning, submission and hold are enough to produce arousal. Or is that just me?

Geary reckons that many of the straight guys he wrestles with are scratching a bisexual itch. “Wrestling is a good way of getting male contact without the kissing and lovey-dovey bit. They don’t mind having a little feel while they fight but if you branded them gay they’d feel threatened and run a million miles.”

When Geary fights gay guys however, no holds are barred. “It tends to get more sexual as you go along. You’ve got the adrenaline pumping and you end up feeling very horny. You tend to grab each others crotches and stick your hands down each others trunks and that,” he says.

The erotic wrestling world gets as wild as you like and incorporates kinks such as oil wrestling, mud wrestling and climax wrestling. Also called cock fighting, climax wrestling involves combatants grappling butt naked. The loser is the one who, by means of frottage, cums first.

Clothes also spice up play. Some guys get off on leotards and singlets, while others get a kick out of shorts, speedos or jockstraps. Leather harnesses are also worn, as is motorcycle gear such as biker boots and crash helmets. As well as the hands-on aspect of the sport, there’s fun to be had from dominating, and/or being dominated by, your competitor.
When wrestling partners happen to be two tops, it’s not uncommon for them to fight for the right to penetrate their opponent. “A good hard submission match is an excellent form of foreplay with the winner getting to fuck his partner at the end,” says Geary. Sometimes the loser has to submit to everyone in the room. They never showed that on World of Sport!

But all these years out of school, it’s still the straight boys that Geary enjoys getting to grips with the most. “There’s something extra sexy about it. You can cop a quick grope and they just go along with it."

Pictures courtesy www.chrisgeary.com
Chris Geary now lives with his partner Erick in the countryside on the south coast of England. He enjoys the outdoor lifestyle, his dogs, gardening, the gym, rugby and creating media. After many years of running his web site, he's moved on, but some of his media can still be seen on YouTube, Instagram and facebook.


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