First Published: Before August 2002
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Queer themes have tickled the underbelly of camp "B" movies going back to the dawn of cinema. Somebody, well versed in the tits'n'arse genre, has finally decided it's time for us gay boys to have some fun as well. What The Hunger did for lesbians, The Brotherhood, released in the UK as I've Been Watching You on DVD earlier this year and due out on video next month, will do for gay men.
The Brotherhood/I've Been Watching You
Openly gay filmmaker David DeCoteau knows how to explore our craving to see the untouchable beauty in the shower. For nearly 15 years, he played to the hormonally maxed audience of straight teenage males by delivering cult flicks like Nightmare Sisters and Puppet Master III. But in 1997 David decided to make a film HE could enjoy. So, armed with a small crew and limited rolls of black and white film, he directed the critically acclaimed gay comedy Leather Jacket Love Story. The movie, about a preppy West Hollywood lad who unexpectedly falls for a Silverlake leather daddy, was a hit for the director both financially and creatively. He realized there was no turning back.
Though DeCoteau continued to produce and direct teen horror and comedy flicks with ample tits'n'arse, many people started to notice the director spending more time on scantily clad young men standing next to fully dressed women rather than the other way round.
The Brotherhood 2 : Young Warlocks
By the time he directed Voodoo Academy, there was no denying DeCoteau was both defying the original intent of the features, simultaneously carving the niche for which he will undoubtedly become (in)famous. Voodoo Academy, which follows the seldom dressed hunky young students of a private academy, caused quite the controversy, becoming the most notorious horror film of 2000. Whether it was the dark, somewhat anti-religious themes, the corrupt priest or the numerous scenes of the students writhing around in their boxer briefs, the powers that be felt a bit threatened and shelved the movie for nearly 2 years. DeCoteau, however, had the last laugh. Finally convincing Full Moon Pictures to release the film in alternate versions (an extremely toned down PG cut on VHS; an overtly hot-n-sweaty version with an extra 23 unrated minutes exclusively on DVD), the film proved to be the company's biggest hit of 2000. Realizing he'd struck the right cord (aided by hundreds of fan letters from gay men world wide), DeCoteau decided to continue opening the vein, bringing homoerotica to the mainstream screen.
With the release of The Brotherhood/I've Been Watching You here in the UK on video next month a whole new audience will be able to delight in the tale of a fraternity of vampire studs seducing the new hunk on campus. Star Nathan Watkins, as the innocent freshman the vampires wish to seduce, is shown shirtless performing many athletic tasks.
The Brotherhood/I've Been Watching You
Likewise, head vampire Bradley Stryker, with a body so chiseled you could cut your fingers on his abs, spends much of the feature gazing into Watkins eyes, until they wind up in bed... with a girl. Gasp! But wait! After a little vampire arm nibbling on the girl, the boys engage in a little lick and tumble of their own.
DeCoteau fans can also enjoy the The Brotherhood 2 : Young Warlocks which is out on video in the US next month. This pits another "innocent" young man (Sean Faris of Pearl Harbor) against a warlock (Forrest Cochran - returning from The Brotherhood), who seduces the young men of a boarding school into his all male coven usually while swimming in their underwear and licking soulful tears from each others faces.
The Brotherhood 2 : Young Warlocks
And there's even more good news. David has confirmed that both The Brotherhood 3 and Voodoo Academy 2 are currently in production.

Play The Brotherhood Trailer here
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