First Published: July 2004
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Jason and Demarco are two young guys who've come out of the ultimate closet...being gay and practising christians. As controversy over the acceptability of gay relationships engulfs the church, they're a rare example of out gay performers in a musical genre which normally only promotes the most traditional of christian values.
They've been described as the best thing to happen to music since Elton John, and now their new album Spirit Pop is available here in the UK through Amazon.

After being kicked out of another contemporary Christian group for being gay, Jason founded his own gay-friendly ministry, while Canadian deMarco, a practicising Catholic, had been working as an actor in commercials and in touring musicals.

They met in Los Angeles at the end of 2002 and soon became lovers.

Interviewed in the current edition of American gay magazine The Advocate Jason says that when he first realised he was gay, he tried to fight it because of his religious faith. "I fell in love at 21 and then realised what being gay was all about and the purity of that love. When I was with deMarco I never felt any perverted feelings or nasty feelings; I felt it was right" DeMarco says he never cared what his religion taught about homosexuality. "I never had to reconcile my faith and my being gay because I never cared what the Catholic Church thought. My relationship with God was not through the church but was very personal."
They say that they hope their music will help young gay people accept their sexual orientation. "It's not just the music, it's who we are," says deMarco, " We want to be an example to to gay and lesbian youth that's it possible, to be gay, out, and have a career; it's possible to be spiritual, it's possible to love yourself and be in a relationship and function within society."
It's also about love too, not only for other people, but also for yourself says Jason. "If we can see ourselves as children of God as whole and complete with all of our faults ... then our message has gotten through."

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