Every good gay boy knows anal requires lubrication, but did you know that the slippery stuff helps keep the condom from breaking? OutUK's Wes Ferguson gets slippy with it and tried his hand at all those important lube jobs.
Truth be told, the right lube can be a versatile and pleasure enhancing product. Either with a partner or flying solo, it's always a good idea to have some on hand. That said; imagine the sincere effort it took to hide my horrified expression when a friend confided he masturbated without using any lubricant.

"You don't even spit on it?" I heard my own voice ask quizzically. Apparently, no. I was too preoccupied in my own head to catch his exact reply, so just added "Man, I hope your dick doesnít get red and raw!"

It's not the strangest anecdote about the intricacies of personal pleasure Iíve heard. Not by far. The award for most unique disclosure belongs to a confidential source Iíll call "my flatmate." He suggests egg whites as an inconspicuous alternative to lube and swears the consistency is suitable for such purposes. I don't recommend it, but feel thereís a certain level of creativity and improvisation involved which deserves credit. I wasnít compelled to inquire how he discovered this newfangled if not somewhat disturbing information, and can only assume guys everywhere are whacking away with an expansive variety of household emollients.

Our female contemporaries clearly have the advantage in the area of self-lubrication, but all my girlfriends know itís a complete misconception to presume they donít need or wonít benefit from using lube. Those wonderful vibrating toys donít grease themselves, you know. Remember; oil-based lubricants shouldnít be used with sex toys, unless theyíre crafted out of hard plastic or solid glass. Next time, donít reach for that old jar of Vaseline in the nightstand. Youíll be doing all parties and/or equipment involved a big favour.

Vaseline is, of course, the most commonly identified alternative sex ointment. Cooking fats like butter and Crisco come in at a close second, and often causes severe skin irritation. I simply do not know why anyone would choose to use thick mineral oil or greasy cooking ingredients as common substitutes for lubricant. It's difficult to imagine being so utterly unprepared for a sexual encounter, especially when it's only myself involved. Crisco
Suffice it to say, items found scattered around your domicile or in the office kitchen are poor imitations compared to sensual lotions and creams available. MOST IMPORTANTLY - a vast majority of these pitch-hitters contain natural oils and cannot be used with latex condoms, with the exception of egg whites.
Iíd still advise staying clear of the latter, unless you and your partner have a fetish for raw chicken embryos. Iím cool with whatever turns you on. However, I am likely to pass on any pastry served at your place.

Once, a great divide existed between the two types of personal lubricants on the market. Condom compatible, water-based products such as original K-Y were known for drying and becoming tacky, like glue. Some manufacturers, like the makers of Astroglide, created ultra-sleek formulas that remain popular today. This product and many other water-based lubes contain glycerine, which can cause irritation.

On the other side of the equation, oil-based lotions conduct body heat and retain a slick quality, but also breakdown latex. This can lead to a rather unfortunate experience trying to fish out a busted condom. Though great for massage or a game of naked twister, they are never recommended for safer-sex play (hands and other areas should be washed before putting on a condom). There are but a few of these products bold enough to market themselves for the J/O crowd, but you'll rarely find them because they're not condom safe.

Interestingly, a vast majority of condoms sold in the US and Europe have used a completely different lubricant in their packaging for almost a century. It wasnít until the mid-nineties, when a group in Germany introduced Eros, that this high-grade silicone product became available to the public. Word spread quickly; similar versions followed just as fast.

Eros - the original & still the best, is now called Pjur Eros BodyGlide for legal reasons, although most major brands favour comparably. They have many different versions available such as Pjur Vegan Glide which contains only vegan ingredients and is not tested on animals. In addition, there's Pjur Man Premium Extreme Glide Lubricant which is a silicone-based lubricant for men that's highly concentrated and extremely effective. it's also compatible with latex condoms.

Eros Bodyglide
Going beyond the sensation of touch alone, youíll find many flavored lubricants that can lead to some edible delights. Almost all of which are condom compatible, water-based, and generally contain some type of sugar additive. As for any product you might apply to your genitals, itís a good idea do a spot test for allergies at least 24-48 hours before putting it down there. Beware, some lower grade novelty items compare to the taste of a cardboard smoothie. Others, like Wet, have led the industry, continually reformulating their flavoured line into a now stainless clear gel that warms to enhance sexual activity. Easyglide come in an array of yummy flavours, including cherry and passion fruit if you are after something a little more exotic.
While something can be said for getting more bang your buck, some other products with 'added features' cause some suspicions to arise. Some manufacturers have added products that have the sensation of warming to their ingredient list and crossed over into new territory. INTT's Anal Lubricant has just such a warm touch, even though it is a tasteless and odorless water-based lubricant. It is a skin-friendly product and suitable for use in combination with latex condoms. I know, huh? The product claims you'll 'feel the tingle' - but do you want your privates or your rosebud to tingle? It's entirely up to you.
Please Beware: False advertisements dominate this industry because of taboos associated with sex (just check your email for the latest penis enlargement technique). Misinformation spreads on a global scale, so be sure to find reliable sources to get your information, so you end up making just the right choice for you.

But what if you are having trouble producing that all important end product? Well, there's even an answer for that, as those involved in the porn industry know only too well. For years, the answer was a lube called Liquid Silk - it appeared in many of the very best known movies. Life moves on and nowadays you should go and buy yourself some Jizz. It's a water-based lubricant that also has the look and feel of semen. Jizz has a creamy white texture and contains no perfume. It provides long-lasting softness and does not leave stains. It can be easily rinsed off with soap and water, just like the real thing!

Jizz Lube
Finally, we come to one of the most popular sexual enhancements: Desensitizing lubes like MALE - Anal Relax Lubricant . This is an extra thick water-based lube specially developed for anal use and has an anesthetic effect that numbs wherever applied. Since this non-prescription medication is mainly used to relieve pain and/or itching caused by minor burns, cuts and scratches, it can discreetly double in your first-aid kit when travelling. As with all things medicinal, there are mild warnings about allergic reaction, and of course donít eat it!

Before closing, I urge you to try some of the fabulous products Iíve suggested above, but keep an open mind if you donít quite find what youíre looking for. Remember that lube choice isnít a matter of right or wrong. Thereís an entire world of selection, diverse consistency, texture, slip, and duration, all of which contribute to the overall feel. I generally recommend going with your own personal preference, unless you beat off with egg whites.

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