One of the UK’s best-selling porn films of all time is the awesome Three Brothers. Three Brothers, co-written and directed by Gino Colbert and Sam Slam, was released in 1998 by New Age Pictures and it features all three of the stunning Rockland brothers, the first family of gay porn. Vince and his two siblings appeared in one scene together, but did not sexually interact.

Reviews were mostly positive: "The directors have done an incredible job with the charms and talents of Vince, Shane and Hal Rockland, all three phenomenally beautiful, hung and uncut." Adult Video News: "Four stories, three brothers, two great directors: it's one sexy movie! It also earns one of the very few five-A perfect ratings given out by AVN. Gino Colbert takes his mainstream expertise and puts together one of the most anticipated videos of the year... Vince Rockland is by far the best."

The commercial success of Three Brothers was fueled in part by the turbulent personal lives of the Rockland siblings. Notes Adult Video News in their review, "Hardcore fans have heard of the Rockland [brothers] fleeing the business to find religion, and this is the shoot they left the business with after completing their one scene together.

Vince is the tearaway of the family - a sexual dynamo with a constantly rock-hard cock and a very dirty mind. Along with his equally horny brothers he tops his way through the rest of the cast. Dickie Collins of ZipperXXX magazine caught up with him whilst promoting his another release for Centaur, Hotter than Hell, in which he plays one of crew of hot and horny firemen, who put an entire neighbourhood on heat.

When did you first start having gay sex?
Me and my two brothers started messing around with each other around 10 years of age. It was always just so natural, we never realised that everyone didn't do it, nor did we realise just how big our pieces are compared to other guys.

It was innocent enough, I guess... mostly circle jerks with a helping hand, if you catch my drift! I also have sex with girls, so I guess you would say I'm bisexual.

In Hotter Than Hell, you fucked the bejesszits out of John Ross. In real life, are you ever the bottom?
Truthfully, I'm afraid to try a cock up my butt...

Vince Rockland
Maybe it's because my cock is so big that, over the years, I've watched the expressions of both guys and girls I'm fucking, and no matter how gentle I am, they always seem to feel discomfort at first, and I don't think I'd enjoy that. But maybe one day...

When you’re not making porn, what do you do? Do you have a job?
I'm way into health and fitness, and consider my body a temple. I am employed as a fitness trainer in my home town, and love helping others build their own personal temples. I was blessed with a good body to begin with, and have built on that foundation by learning as much about fitness as possible.

What does your family think of you being in a XXX film?
My brothers are the only ones that know right now, and we want to keep it that way, since they have also done some. It might be a bit of a shock for Mom if she discovered that not one, but all three of her boys have XXX resumés!

Who was the best fuck on the film?
John Ross was incredible. His round, full ass is totally smooth, and his cheeks are extremely firm. He could take my entire shaft all the way up into his hole, and it felt just like a nice, wet throat! I could not get enough of that hot, hot ass!

Vince in Hotter Than Hell
What’s the most amazing sex you ever had?
Once I was approached by two guys in a committed relationship to participate in a three-way. One was a complete bottom, and his boyfriend and I took turns topping him, until he begged for us both at the same time! Somehow his wonderful ass opened enough to allow us both in at once. The feeling of the inside of an ass coupled with the feeling of rubbing against another cock is the most amazing sex I've ever had!

Which bit of the film are you most proud of?
This may sound silly, but the part of Hotter Than Hell I'm most proud of is when I am on the bed with John Ross and I flip him practically onto his head and finger his ass, pushing lubrication up into his ass and rubbing it all around. I didn't really know how to do this to a guy, but Chip Daniels talked me through it so well, and it turned out extremely sensual in the final cut. Of course, it certainly helps that Chip added the twist of having John lick my ass while it was going on. Talk about a sweet distraction!

What's the "dirtiest" thing you've ever done?
I've mud-wrestled before, and we tore off each other's clothes and got excited and rock-hard. We were so turned on, we fucked right there in the mud!

What (or who) do you think of when you're trying to hold off an orgasm?
I think about food. Yes, eating is another great pleasure in life, and occurs at the other end of my body. It refocuses my brain on my tongue.

What (or who) do you think of when you're trying to cum?
I can't really say I ever have to try to cum. After you've been fucking for a few hours you are more than ready to shoot that load! You just abandon yourself to the wonderful feel of your cock sliding in and out of who you are fucking. The twitching of the bottoms muscles along with the slick sliding sensation inside always send me blasting!

Which other porn star would you most like fuck?
Kirk Kelley, who bottoms for Brock Masters in Centaur's Wild Rangers. Kirk Kelley and I would be amazing together in a scene.

In real life, do you have a partner?
No, I don't. Actually, right now, I don't really want to commit to that type of life. I'm enjoying the single life and plan on enjoying all it has to offer while I'm young!

Do you watch porn? What’s your favourite Centaur film?
Doesn't everyone watch porn? Ha ha! I love porn of all kinds. Centaur films are my favourite gay porn, because they have the best storylines, the most believable characters and encounters, and the guys are always so fucking hot no matter what your type is, Centaur always delivers for me. I'd have to say that right now my most favourite Centaur film is Man Academy. I would really love to fuck that gorgeous bottom Sean Storm. He has one of those asses that are absolutely irresistible! How about me, Sean Storm and Kirk Kelley in a three-way for a new film! I would love to take turns going from one to the other! Courtesy ZipperXXX magazine


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