We've all uttered the expression, "I know exactly how you feel." But do you really? Check out our three frightening scenarios and see if you can imagine what it was like to be in these guys' shoes.


The word priapism should scare the hell out of you. The word comes from Priapus, who was the son of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Supposedly, he was ugly but he had a huge member that always seemed to be standing at attention. What's the friggin' problem with that? you may be wondering. You're about to find out.
Jake was 32 when he experienced his first, and hopefully last, erection that wouldn't die. "It's a common saying that most guys wish they had a permanent erection," jokes Jake, whose own member is back to normal. "However, if they could experience what I went through, that saying would die quickly."

First off, a priapism usually develops in guys who have sickle-cell anemia. The blood flows into your penis but can't get out because of low amounts of oxygen; the blood 'sickles' and can't escape.

Therefore, most causes of priapism are non-sexual, which should be a wood kill in the first place. But Jake's actually started as a bonafide hard-on, which, after he had finished having sex with his boyfriend of three weeks, suddenly wouldn't turn off. See, Jake had taken a triple dose of Viagra, a sexual supplement he had used before but didn't really need at this stage in his life. He just used it because he said it made the sex feel even better. Plus, he used it frequently enough to where he thought he had built a tolerance to it.

"An hour after I had come, I started to freak out because my dick wouldn't go down," he says. "My boyfriend thought we needed to have sex again, but I wasn't even turned on. My mind was racing, and I figured if I ate something or drank water that it would dilute the effect of the Viagra. Of course, that didn't work, and three hours after I had come, my boyfriend finally drove me to the hospital.

"At first, I couldn't even imagine sticking the needle in my dick. The doctor wanted to inject my dick with terbutaline to counteract the effect of the Viagra. I asked him if there were any other options and he said, "Sure, we could cut your dick open and drain the blood." I quickly opted for the needle.

Luckily my boyfriend wasn't in the room because it was painful. Trust me, you never want a needle stuck in your dick. Anyway, luckily what the doctor injected worked and my dick went back down to its flaccid state.

"I found out after I was in the clear that not many doctors are familiar with this condition. What's more, the doctor said I was lucky that I had come in when I did. Any embarrassment I may have had from entering a hospital with a hard-on is nothing compared to what may have happened if I had ignored it for more than four hours. After about four hours, the prognosis gets worse, and usually the only option is to go through with the surgery to let the blood out. After many of those surgeries, a lot of guys experience erectile dysfunction for a while, if not for the rest of their life." Obviously, Jake doesn't plan on using Viagra again until he really does have a problem gettin' it up.

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