First Published: February 2008
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.
If you thought saggerz - jeans worn halfway down a guy's bum showing off their undies - were sexy, then you'll go wild over Schultz Jeans. Not only can they be worn as saggerz without falling down, they can even be worn with the flies open. OutUK's Stevie Gardiner has been checking them out.
Thanks to what's called the new Schultz strap, there's a whole new way of wearing jeans. If you like your jeans low-slung or even open at the fly, the Schultz strap keeps your jeans on and your hands free from constantly hitching them up.
Designed to replace the traditional belt, the Schultz strap can be worn on the back or front of the jeans. Two buttons on each side of the jeans on the rear waistband 'cinch' in the waist for a comfortable, belt-like snug fit.

Worn at the front on the inside of the jeans, the Schultz strap gives sufficient support to even allow you to wear your Schultz jeans with the fly open, displaying your underwear (and anything else you may feel like showing off!)

Schultz also sell a range of sexy underwear which we think will look just great with the jeans.

We just love seeing lots of cute guys showing off the waistband of their undies, but let's hope that the fashion for having an open fly becomes just as popular. Schultz Jeans are available exclusively online.

Schultz Jeans


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