Size isn't everything...that's what OutUK's Adrian Gillan finds out when he hangs out with Dave at the Small Members Club.

OutUK: Do you have a small penis?
Dave: I prefer to call it a smaller penis, as it is five inches erect and is therefore on the small side of average. But I'm not a big guy, so I think my penis is actually quite in proportion to my body.

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OutUK: What's it like having a small penis?
Dave: I'm into kinky sex where size is less of an issue - just mild embarrassment when someone grabs my crotch and can't find what they're after. Others less lucky may have been bullied at school and humiliated in the bedroom. I hope that SMC can help make their future better than their past.

OutUK: When did Small Members Club (SMC) start and why?
Dave: During the 1990s, I became increasingly aware that most guys I encountered had a bigger cock than I did. In 1999, I decided to start my own club for guys who - like me - could hardly describe themselves as well endowed. In January 2000 I published the first newsletter and contact list.

OutUK: How many members do you have and what are they like?
Dave: I get about twenty new enquiries each month. There are approximately one hundred members at any one time - guys of different ages from across the UK. There is no 'typical' member.

OutUK: What exactly do you do?
Dave: The newsletter is published every two months and includes about forty personal contact adverts. Members can also advertise on the SMC information page which is distributed by e-mail. Last year we also had four club social meetings which were well-attended and enjoyable occasions.
Penetration is easier.
It's less intimidating for sexual partners.
Never looks like you've stuffed some old socks down the front.
Less likely to look like you've got a hard on in the showers.
Some people fetishise small cock.
You pose a stark challenge to a Phallocentric world.
Easier to maintain erection.
Balls look bigger in proportion.
Partners less likely to choke.
Size never did avert the course of true love.
OutUK: Do most SMC members have an issue about their size?
Dave: I'd say many members have problems which is why I set up SMC. They're also made to feel inadequate, because size is usually the main feature of any article, advert or photo in magazines - especially gay ones. And I'm sure there is a lot of 'internalised sizism' - smaller guys revering bigger guys.

OutUK: Do you think most members join for support or for sex?
Dave: Probably both. The ones who remain loyal to the club though, are the ones who appreciate the support, and are not just looking for sex. Being gay isn't just about having sex, and sex isn't just about cocks - there are all manner of things that attract one male to another.

OutUK: Have any of your members ever tried penis enlargement?
Dave: Yes, and it hasn't worked.

OutUK: What is the smallest penis you've ever encountered or heard of?
Dave: The smallest one I've actually seen was about four inches erect, although a guy phoned once and said he was only three inches hard. I felt sorry for him, but couldn't really help because he was straight. I had an enjoyable time with the four inch guy, because he liked to be spanked and had a cute arse.

OutUK: Is there a maximum penis length that an SMC member can have? Or is size all in the mind?
Dave: The club is for gay men who are not judgemental about what others have - or haven't - got between their legs. As far as penis size is concerned it can be any length and any width.

OutUK: Are there any checks on willy size?
Dave: No checks - I take people's word and doubt too many would lie about size. Most club members have less than the reputed average six inches erect. But guys with larger dicks can and do join, either because they're passive and can only take small dick or because they simply fetishise smaller cock.

OutUK: Do you believe in rumours that gay dicks are generally bigger than straight ones?

Dave: I've not heard that rumour, and doubt there is any truth in it - I'm not aware of a club for straight guys with small willies.

OutUK: Can you really tell a man's cock size from his height or the size of his feet, nose or tongue? Do you think guys who drive large cars tend to have smaller dicks?
Dave: The last point is probably true, but there is no truth in the others. I've met big nosed guys who are small and snub-nosed guys with raging whoppers.

OutUK: Do smaller dicks tend to 'catch up' when hard?
Dave: That one is definitely true. It is much more of a transformation when a small-dicked guy gets a hard on. The worry that most smaller-dicked guys have is of being seen soft. That's when small cocks are really small. I've seen several guys who claim to be small, and when I've told them that they're not, they reply: "You haven't seen me soft."

OutUK: Why do you think our Phallocentric gay culture is so dominated by size?
Dave: For years our community has been fighting ignorance and prejudice and standing up for Gay Pride; and yet we are just as ignorant and prejudiced as the rest when it comes to judging other people - gay or straight, black or white, young or old. And we are all made to feel inadequate by the images constantly portrayed in gay magazines.

OutUK: Are there any advantages in having a tiny todger?
Dave: Definitely! Keep those huge things well away from me! Big ones might look good in magazines, and bulging in tight trousers, but they're not always suited to practical purposes. I'm sure many guys with huge cocks wish theirs was smaller.

OutUK: Do you have a special message for all our readers with dinky dicks?
Dave: If anyone rejects you because you've got a small cock, they are not worth knowing. Keep looking for guys who will like you for what you are - for all your attributes.


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