He's everybody's favourite gay boy next door. Known simple as Spike, this fresh-faced but massively hung twenty something is the star of his own DVD compilation In Bed With Spike. Featuring some of Spike's hottest scenes this 150 minute compilation features a mix of never before seen footage, together with some of his hottest sex scenes. But what's the real Spike like? OutUK's Stevie Gardiner has been talking to Spike and finding out.

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OutUK: So what's it like seeing you face on the front of DVD covers everywhere... do you get recognised when you go out clubbing?
Spike: Itís really mad. Iíve been in gay sex shops before, just looking around, minding my own business, and then all of a sudden, you get a few funny looks and double-takes. I always blush, but do my best to carry on where I left off and not get distracted!

I have been recognised sometimes when Iíve been out clubbing, most often in London. It can be spooky sometimes but normally itís all good.

Actually I got noticed when I went to a club in Luton recently and that was cool. Itís my hometown and it was nice to go back there for the first time in a while and feel that Iíve achieved something while Iíve been away.

OutUK: Do you like meeting fans?
Spike: Yes of course I do! I mean letís be honest, if people didnít like me I wouldnít be here, and ĎIn Bed With Spikeí certainly wouldnít have come out, would it? Iím dead pleased that quite a few of them seem to be pretty sexy themselves. Once or twice things have gone a little bit further than just Ďmeetingí!

OutUK: What do you do the rest of the time?
Spike: I do have a normal job outside of modelling; I work in a pizza restaurant. If Iím not there, Iím probably getting up to naughty things in my bedÖ or someone elseís! Otherwise just chilling out at home in front of the TV, a DVD or the PS2, or playing poker, and not just the strip version! Also I love going out for dinner, and love partying. Mineís a DOUBLE vodka, lime and lemonade!

OutUK: Why did you decide to get into making films?
Spike: I was bored one day and the idea just came to me. I like to think Iím a pretty spontaneous person.

OutUK: What kind of sex do you enjoy most?
Spike: Vanilla I guess, but I donít mind it a little bit rougher! I love a little wrestle and a bit of biting, and handcuffs can be a lot of fun too. I love being rimmed deep and hard, love my balls being sucked and nibbled, and love to shoot my spunk over a guyís face or cock and ballsÖ I might even lick it up clean for them! Do you get the impression I really like sex?

OutUK: Do you have a boyfriend and what does he think of your movies?
Spike: No Iím single... you asking? ;-)

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In Bed With Spike is available now from our online store ShopGay. This Freshwave DVD has a running time of 151 minutes and features previously unreleased red-hot duo and group scenes plus the best action from films that have pushed Spike to the very front of the top shelf.


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