First Published: August 2005
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If you've had the chance to see the American Queer As Folk, you'll know that Michael and Justin have created their own comic superhero who's gay . And now there's one in reality, reports OutUK's Mike Gray.
He's called Stormboy and is the creation of Henry R. Kujawa from New Jersey who's been a comic-book fan since 1963 when his parents first bought him a copy of "Black Fury". The 48-page comic mixes science-fiction, superheroes and gay porn. StormBoy strives to feature quality writing & production values and the whole package is designed to emulate the look & feel of a late-60ís Marvel Comic, but unlike anything the Comics Code Authority would ever have approved.

In a utopian future inspired by the sci-fi TV shows of the 1960s, former kid sidekick Stormboy has become Metro City's resident superhero. When a brainy, beautiful & amorous master criminal kidnaps his boyfriend (pictured below), it adds a personal level to his latest bout of crime-fighting.

Creator Henry K. Kujawa says "I feel this project has a chance to fill a gaping void-- so to speak-- that currently exists in the comic-book field. For 10 years Iíve been in an Amateur Press Alliance where most of the members were gay or bi, and after spending time at the DC Comics Message Boards,it becomes clear thereís a lot of fans who are frustrated over the Big Twoís ( Marvel & DC Comics) persistent lack of a gay or bi superhero-- especially one starring in his own book!
"In the last ten years my tastes in pop entertainment have been evolving, and itís become more and more clear to me that likeable characters are even more important than format & subject matter.

"In addition to bookís star and his lover / best friend, Iíve managed to bring to life what I consider quite possibly the smartest female villain Iíve ever encountered. A big part of her M.O. involves committing crimes that are deliberately non-violent in nature. As she puts it, 'I abhor violenceóbut I justóLOVEósex.' Heyyyy, whatís not to admire about that?"

Stormboy No 1 : Steal Your Heart Away is currently available at specialist gay bookstores in the UK, and there's a Stormboy No 2 in preparation.


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