Along with BBQs, Pride events and all the Sport, summer brings with it a whole crop of tricky grooming problems. Luckily, in association with Mankind Lee Kynaston, Grooming Editor of Men's Health, OutUK has all the solutions.


Choose the right trunks
If youíre tall and thin avoid vertical stripes and anything baggy. Instead, go for knee-length board shorts which are much more flattering.
Steer clear of loud patterns if youíre short and skip long shorts if you have a bit of a beer belly Ė theyíll merely draw attention to the size of your gut. And if youíre worried about the size of your backside go for dark colours, matt fabrics and loose styles that wonít emphasise your bumps. Donít even think about wearing Speedos unless you're confident in your body or have a six-pack.

Watch your posture
Worried about your love handles? Sitting up straight will only accentuate any rolls of fat around your waist so lie down with one knee bent and support your weight with your elbows instead. Gravity will do the rest.

Tip: Sunbathing with your hands above your head will lengthen the look of your body and avoid any chance of a fold in your skin.

Wash Ďní Dry
Never allow the sun to dry you off after a dip in the sea Ė evaporating salt water can dry out skin, leaving it flaky and susceptible to irritation. Towel dry instead and, if possible, shower with tap water first. Protect your hair in the same way Ė ideally by rinsing through with clean water.

So, what about my hair?
Well, keep yourself hydrated. Salt water, sweat, as well as constant exposure to the sun can suck out all moisture from your hair and leave it extremely dry and susceptible to goin g frizzy. When you are back from the beach use leave-in conditioner and a very mild shampoo. Don't use any form of heat styling or drying for a week or so.

Donít be rash
Never hit the beach with freshly-shaved skin - itíll be sensitive and its defences will be inadequate to protect against sun damage. Instead, try shaving last thing at night rather than in the morning.

For maximum protection aim for a sun cream with an SPF of 30 or more, use a daily moisturiser with a built in UV filter and avoid sunbathing between noon and 3pm when the suns rays are strongest. And if you want your tan to last, build it up slowly over the summer not all in one day.

The problem: You want to look your best when visiting friends or on holiday but donít want to take your entire bathroom cabinet with you.
The solution: Lighten your load with travel-sized versions of your favourite products (or decant full-sized products into travel bottles) and look for dual usage products like 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners which will help save valuable space. Just donít forget to pack a moisturiser, especially if youíre flying abroad. The air inside an aircraft cabin is up to 25 times drier than it is at ground level and can leave skin drier than a poppadum. Apply before and after flights and drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated from the inside.

Tip: Avoid wiping your face with hand sanitizer wipes as many contain skin-drying alcohol.

Looking Hot and Healthy

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