First Published: March 2006
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Ever had the feeling that no matter how much you exercise, your stomach seems to keep the little spare tyre you’re so desperate to get rid of? Scott Twelftree has been checking out a new way of losing those inches which look like being very popular with rubber and bondage fans too.
When it comes to developing that washboard stomach, what makes thingst worse is that every glossy magazine you pick up is crammed with super slim, muscular gods and goddesses that may on occasion put on some weight, only to shed the pounds as quick as Angelina Jolie does husbands.

Well according to Hydroxi, the company that has given us Vacunaut, this is no miracle and is easily attainable. This seems to be confirmed by celebrities such as Anna Friel from Brookside and Robbie Williams. They have openly praised the machine, explaining how it has helped them get back into shape.

It seems that Robbie is so pleased with it; the company is now using him in an advertising campaign. Although his publicist did not confirm this and said no deal had been struck yet. However according to one spokesperson ‘it had been used in the run up to the Rock DJ video to get back into shape’.

Mentioned in Robbie’s book Feel it goes on to explain how he came across the contraption ‘Last month, in a Chelsea gym, Rob had discovered a new fitness machine, called the Vacunaut, that seemed to work well for him, and he has bought one himself’.

Anna Friel, who shot to fame as Beth in Brookside, has revealed that she has also used the state-of-the-art slimming machine that combines a wetsuit and vacuum to shift the pounds.

The 29-year-old star told Grazia magazine: ‘I wear this space-age wetsuit that wires me up to a suction pump as I walk a treadmill’. She went on to say ‘you are judged if you gain it [weight], you are judged if you lose it. I just wanted to get into my natural shape’.

It does seem to have worked - the actress shrunk back to a size eight after the birth of her daughter Gracie last year.

So how does it work? The Vacunaut is a machine that you wear like a wetsuit while walking steadily on an inclined treadmill. First of all it uses pressure that sucks the blood into the stomach and hip areas where fat tissue is enriched with the required amount of fat. The machine then changes from low to high rates of pressure, which helps accelerate the transport of the fat enriched blood to the muscles exercised. The fatty acids are burnt off as fuel for movement.

However this does not come without its critics, according to Loren Grusd a leading dietician in a private west London hospital ‘really the only and safest way for weight loss is a healthy diet and regular exercise’.

This does seem obvious, but with celebrities showing us that using this machine can lose the weight does give us an idea that it works. Now the only down side to it is the cost of up to £400 per course, which does seem excessive but if it does work then it really is money well spent.

Courtesy : QueerNetwork


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