First Published: Before August 2002
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If you're into boy bands then steer clear of satellite and cable channel Trouble. They're sending up the whole boy band scene in a show called 2gether which mixes parody with reality and offers a behind the scenes peek at the difficulties of remaining at the top in the fickle world of pop music. Broadcast twice daily at 4.30pm and 9.30pm, the show features guest appearances from Pamela Anderson, Mandy Moore and Melissa Joan Hart, who are all big fans.

2gether, the band, has released 2 CDs, which combined have sold over one million copies in the US, gained a no.14 hit in the US charts and had the pleasure of supporting Britney last summer.

It's a half-hour series complete with hit, original tunes, and five heartthrob singers who have become an overnight success. They are joined by overly adoring fans and sleazy music execs who are ready to exploit them at every turn. This fictional group includes the five key ingredients to every successful boy band -- "the heartthrob" Jerry O'Keefe (Evan Farmer), "the rebel" Mickey Parke (Alex Solowitz), "the cutie" Jason 'QT' McKnight (Michael Cuccione), "the shy one" Chad Linus (Noah Bastian) and "the older brother" Doug Linus (Kevin Farley).

With a top-ten hit, "U+Me=Us", on the charts, the boys have dumped their original management but now must contend with new management that's even more controlling. The management team from What-Ev Records has accommodated the band with a record deal, a tiny salary, and an apartment in L.A. Their day-to-day task is to simply stay at the top of the charts and escape their label's wrath but their deeper more fundamental task is much more complicated - to avoid implosions, survive as a family and on some murkier level, to dodge the oblivion that awaits all pop sensations.

2gether is upbeat, pop-fed and teaming with colours and energy as the boys run into countless obstacles that threaten to destroy their dreams. A big hit on MTV in the US, 2gether comes to the satellite and cable channel Trouble. Sounds fun...and the guy on the right is just sooo cute.


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