First Published: Before August 2002
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A London research company specialising in the gay and lesbian market are organising the UK's first ever census of the gay community.

It's said to be the largest survey ever of any lesbian and gay population in the world and it's being undertaken throughout this year.

Unlike the national census, though, it's not compulsory and you can't be fined for not taking part. Mike Tinson, Managing Director of London-based ID Research, says it's very important that as many gay people as possible take part.

"Currently there is very little existing data about gay men, and virtually nothing about lesbians. The consequences of having no or little data are devastating. Statistics inform every area of life, from health services, legislation, local authorities and commerce." says Mike.

The results will be published in a free general report which will undoubtedly make fascinating reading as the 120 questions in the census form cover every aspect of gay life including discrimination, health and education. Though ID Research promise complete confidentiality, you don't have to give your name and address unless you want to be entered in a 1000 Prize Draw. It's plain though that lots of the data will be useful to commercial and other organisations who want to know more about makes gay people tick.

The results are bound to make a lot of impact, so it's important to make the survey as representative as possible. If you want to take part call ID Research at 020 7864 1306 to get a copy of the form or e-mail them with your name, sex, full address, postcode and, if you want, telephone number.


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