First Published: May 2005
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.


With the General Election looming on Thursday 5th May, OutUK helps gauge which political party merits your precious queer vote. Stonewall, the gay equality organisation founded in 1989, is now urging every gay man in britain to use his vote.
Stonewall is issuing a final call to Britain’s 1.8 million lesbian, gay and bisexual voters to use their vote on Thursday and think carefully about who has supported, and opposed, their interests since the last election.

“We know that thousands of people have already contacted their MPs to ask about their commitment to gay issues”, said Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill, “We hope that still more people will do so before polling day”.

As part of its Election 2005 campaign, Stonewall has produced a five point manifesto setting out its demands for a better Britain and has also published MPs’ voting records on a number of key issues affecting the gay community during the last parliament.

Ben Summerskill said “If the predictions of a low turnout on Thursday prove the pollsters correct, then lesbian and gay votes will have an even greater impact”.

Find out more about the Stonewall Campaign using this link:

   Stonewall's Political Campaign

Right up until election day, and after we will also continue to bring you information on the issues that affect gay men. OutUK Reporter Adrian Gillan has been talking to spokespeople for the main political parties:

        Nigel Tart - The Green Party
        Richard Porter - The Liberal Democrats
        Charles Hendry - The Conservatives
        Katie Hanson - The Labour Party


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