First Published: January 2007
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Now you've chosen your favourite British lads of 2006, we're going to step up a gear with four of our favourite celebrity models to watch in the next twelve months, writes Derek Strobe of It's our Hot For 07 choice we think you're going to see a whole lot more of in this coming year. .

Channing Tatum

Those lips. Those eyes. That closely shaved head. Is it any wonder Channing Tatum saw his star explode in 2006? With starring roles in the cross dressing teen comedy She’s the Man (he played a frequently shirtless jock), the ballet dramedy Step Up! (he played a frequently shirtless street dancer) and the coming of age drama A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (he played a frequently shirtless street thug),

In 2006, everything was coming up Channing.

The New York born stud got his start as a model, walking the runways in Milan, striking a post for Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica, and dropping every last stitch of clothing for the Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue. Once Channing had enough for mugging for the camera, he segued into acting with roles in Coach Carter and the lame Supercross. But Step Up! shot him to stardom, and Saints scored him an Independent Spirit nomination for best actor. In 2007 he’ll prove his worth opposite Ryan Phillippe in an Iraq war drama and with Charlize Theron in the riot drama, Battle In Seattle. Two opportunities to see Channing rough and sweaty. We’re so there.



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