First Published: Before August 2002
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.
Pop Idol Will Young has sensationally come out as gay on the day his record-breaking single stays at No.1.

In an interview with the News Of The World he said "I feel it's time to tell my fans I'm gay ...It's totally no big deal, just part of who I am."

He said that he told family and friends about his sexuality as soon he knew he was gay. "For me it's normal and nothing to be ashamed about. I'm gay and I'm comfortable with that. I really don't know what the fuss is about."
"I'm sure this will not come as a surprise to many people, although I've always been discreet and I'm not a campaigner when it comes to my sexuality."

He said that his manager Simon Fuller was totally relaxed with his decision to come out. However Will says that he doesn't intend to discuss his private life or his sexuality anymore.

"I don't wish to talk about it any further and I hope people will respect that. My private life is my private life."

The News Of The World say that former Exeter University politics student Will has only ever had two close relationships and hasn't got a boyfriend at the moment.

Music industry watchers are wondering what effect this announcement will have on his largely female fan-base, meanwhile OutUK readers please form an orderly queue.


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