Viewed Vienna? Seen Salzburg? Then check out Adrian Gillan’s OutUK guide to two lesser known Austrian gems: gorgeous Graz and luscious Linz.
Graz in the sexy south and Linz in the naughty north may be separated by a spectacular three hour train ride across the eastern fringe of the Alps; yet both have attractive Old Towns on sparkling rivers overlooked by cute hills combined with cutting-edge culture and architecture, plus thriving gay scenes.
Old town in Graz.


This former European Capital of Culture bore Arnie Schwarzenegger but won’t bore you! Cruise through Graz’s Old Town with its squares, cathedrals and theatres, plus the utterly unique and atmospheric Armoury; ascend the Schlossberg hill for stunning views back down onto the Old Town and River Mur.
Try a stroll along the said river, past the weird-life-form-seeming museum of modern art ( - a.k.a. “Friendly Alien”); even walk on water on the Murinsel (Mur Island) - a giant metal shell-like structure that floats in the middle of the river, containing an amphitheatre and classy restaurant.
The Friendly Alien or Museum Of Modern Art.
Modern gay-friendly Hotel Augarten Art & Design on south-central Schönaugasse is crammed with exciting new art and has a great restaurant, 24/7 indoor pool and roof terrace offering stunning views across town - near sites and scene.

The Gasthaus Kunsthaus is a gay-friendly bar-restaurant within the space-age Kunsthaus art gallery by the river - the place to preen and be seen, with a good wine-list and gorgeous waiters to gorge on.

Café SILBER has a very nice ambience indoors and a cozy guest garden which invites you to linger. They serve a selection of coffee, beer, drinks and food both indoors and out on their outdoor seating area and garden terrace.

Stars is a Gay bar found in the Schönaugasse. It's great for early evening drinks or a night out with friends. Take advantage of their outdoor seating and relax in the sun or have a drink in the cool evening breeze. You'll feel relaxed in their air-conditioned rooms, no matter the temperature outside in the city.
Innere Stadt, Graz Photo: Ben Bender
CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
baseMENt 2.0 is a Gay night club whether you're bi, gay, lesbian, straight, trans, pan or whatever. No matter where you're from, what you look like or what you like, everyone is welcome. Drinks, music, fun, and a lot of nice people are all ready to party.

The FAGtory Club has been celebrating with techno, pop and great trash on 2 floors in the Graz Postgarage since 2014. Music brings everyone together on their dance floor and also in their darkroom. They have a concept of "sex or body positive party" which does not mean gang or swinger action. The main thing is to create a safer space for everyone. People go to the darkroom on the upper floor of the Postgarage to cuddle, cuddle or to have sex. They have free condoms at the entrance. Nobody has to go into the darkroom and those who go in don't have to stay there. There is nothing to judge, rate or comment on. The darkroom is for everyone.


If seeking succour, explore the northern fringes of the Stadtpark, especially around Maria Theresia Alley. Or, by day, visit Or, by day, visit Sexworld for all the usual mags, toys and vids complete with cinema, cabins and gloryholes.

Lustspiel is an adult entertainment store with a cinema nearby. Their two venues are both near Jakominiplatz. One is a sex shop with booths at Jakoministraße 12 and the other is a sex cinema at Jakoministraße 25. The sex shop now includes the entire range from the world of eroticism. The cinema offers an exclusive cruising area with many rooms. Choose from over 500+ movies. Between the two different venues they claim to be responsible for more than 20,000 orgasms.

This is one of few playgrounds in Graz for having some fun for gays and others. If you decide to check it out you need to cross the shop and go to the counter straight ahead to the right. Entrance fee is usually ~9 €. You can leave your jacket there, or ask for a locker key. The entrance to the playground is going back to the shop and turning right. The lockers are at the end of the playgrounds, so you can check them out beforehand. Some straight people could be also seen there.

X-TREME Sexkino Graz is another adult entertainment store where everyone is welcome, no matter what gender, no matter what sexual orientation, no matter what origin and ethnicity. In their DVD shop you will find all films from all areas of hardcore eroticism. The have a mini cinema in which you can watch film in the company of others and enjoy cruising, discovering and making use of gloryholes. If you prefer to be on your own and want to watch one of your favorite films in total privacy, then there's also coin-operated solo booths with a huge selection of films to choose from.


Ryanair fly direct to both Graz and Linz from London Stansted and you can fly direct from other UK airports on Austrian, bmi or Lufthansa and save money on your ticket at ebookers. We have a great selection of hotels in Graz at special online rates through our partners Bookings.

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baseMENt 2.0 (Brockmanngasse 87; T: +43 664 7975270; Website)
Café SILBER (Klosterwiesgasse 3; T: +43 650 8010321; Website)
Gasthaus Kunsthaus (Lendkai 1; T: +43 316 8017 9292; Website) Sexworld (Quergasse 1 Ecke Annenstr. 53 in, Quergasse 1; T: +43 664 73159865; Website)
Hotel Augarten “Art & Design” (Schönaugasse 53; T: +43 316 20 800-0; Website)
Lustspiel 1 (Sex shop in Jakoministraße 12; Sex cinema at Jakoministraße 25; Website)
Stars (Schönaugasse 9; T: +43 676 3838894; Website)
The FAGtory Club (Dreihackengasse 42; T: +43 316 366601; Website)
X-TREME Sexkino Graz (Bahnhofgürtel 73; Website)

Revised November 2022

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