Jeremy's Present

by Ed Piera

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

Jeremy had been one of my best friends for my whole life. We had lived next to each other, went to school together, to college, and now lived in the same apartment block. I came out to him before anybody else, and told him that I fancied him, he was totally straight, but had no problem with this. It was soon before my twenty-fifth birthday, we had a tradition of getting each other really good gifts, and so when he lost his job, I knew he was gutted about it. Little did I know that his brain was ticking away. We had arranged to have lunch together, he was cooking which always got me excited.

"Happy Birthday, David." He gave me a hug, and a card, the card was home-made and showed off his creative skills perfectly. I was more than happy with this, a meal you would happily pay good money for, and the knowledge that somebody really loved me, if not erotically; but I knew that Jeremy had a problem. "I've been thinking about your present."

"No need to worry about that, your friendship is worth more than any present to me."

"I know, but it's just awful that I've got no money now. As I said, I've been thinking, and you have two options. The first is the item I thought of a while ago, but because of money that would have to wait for a couple of months until I start my new job; the other is available on Saturday."

"What is the second option?"

Jeremy paused.



"The second option is me for a whole day."

"What?" I repeated myself.

"I know that you like good looking men, and as I'm one, you get me for a day." It was starting to dawn on me.

"You mean get you." I paused, not wanting to offend him. "Get you in bed."

"Where ever you want me. Twenty four hours of me as your personal slave, to do anything with."

"I don't want to let this get in the way of our friendship."

"I won't let it, if you won't. One day, and after it's over, we both forget it ever happened." He really was serious. "So what's your choice?"

"Let me recap the choices. I either get to wait a couple of months for yet another perfectly tasteful present, or get the best looking man for a whole day on Saturday."

"I accept your flattery."

"I accept your offer for Saturday." Even as I said the words, I almost wanted not to have said them.

The rest of the week dragged by, Jeremy was sticking to his promise of not letting it get in the way, but I was thinking about him more and more erotically. We talked about it briefly on Friday before we went out for a few drinks with some friends. Our arrangement was that from ten o'clock on Saturday morning until ten on Sunday, he was my personal slave; if anything was beyond it for him then he would say so.

I found it impossible to get to sleep on Friday night thinking about the morning, but finally dropped off in the early hours. We both kept the spare keys to each others apartments, and so the first thing I knew in the morning was Jeremy gently waking me. He had made breakfast for me, and once I came round I remembered why he was there.

"I was afraid you would chicken out."

"I'm a man of my word." I started to eat my breakfast. "We forgot to agree what I should wear yesterday. Now it's Saturday that means that you get to decide."

"Certainly less than now."

"Tell me if you want me to stop."

He stood at the end of my bed and gave me a personal strip tease. First his shirt came off over his head revealing the body that had never had a single ounce of fat on it; then his jeans came down showing his well worked out legs, and his boxers giving a slight view of what lay beneath. I had not thought before that anything would take my attention away from food which Jeremy had prepared, but this vision of loveliness entranced me. Stood in his boxers, he was ready to go further, and I was ready to let him; first revealing his tight ass buns, he then turned to show of the true crown jewels; I had not seen his cock properly since we were about twelve, but now I had a license to gaze as much I wanted, flaccid it was about six inches and traced down over his large low-hanging balls, his foreskin stuck out from the end slightly, and the trimmed pubes made it all perfect. After stripping he stood facing me, not even trying to hide his cock.

"Come and sit on the bed." He sat next to me, and helped me with breakfast, pouring coffee and the like.

After I had finished I walked through to the bathroom, and he followed. Before I could pull of the t-shirt and shorts I slept in, he intervened, and did so for me. It was not a sexual act, but there were definite signs of what we both expected to happen later. I needed to piss, but was rock-hard after his show, and with anticipation.

"Jeez Jeremy, I can't piss with this boner, and it sure won't go down after you flashed at me."

"Do you need some help?"

I nodded, and after lubing his hand, he started to wank me. As soon as I realised it was him, I pretty much came straight away. He was clearly not used to wanking somebody else, and with his looks had little need to wank himself, but the feeling of his hands wrapped around my love tool was driving me crazy. I tensed, and my cock exploded, shots of cum were flung across the room. I pretty much collapsed due to the orgasm, but Jeremy caught me, and the feeling of his flesh against mine was like lying on silk sheets, with the addition of his warmth, and his love.

Once I had recovered, my cock had fallen to a flaccid state, and I started to piss, Jeremy cleared the cum from the floor; then he started the shower. Fortunately the shower in my apartment was big, Jeremy joined me, and he washed me. He was soft and gentle massaging shampoo through my hair, rubbing soap into my skin, then rinsing it off; no boy-friend could be more loving about it. As he rinsed off my cock, I sprang another boner, he carried on regardless.

Out of the shower Jeremy dried me, running the towel over me; the act became sensuous. I looked straight into Jeremy's eyes and my heart melted, I pulled his head close to mine, and started to kiss him, rather than the reluctance that I had expected he responded, and as it was the same as straight kissing, he knew his business. I started to grind my groin into his, he followed suit. He was bringing together what he knew about straight sex, what he enjoyed, and my example to form the greatest sexual experience. His hands grasped at my ass, pulling me into him, his fingers tracing up to my ass-hole, where I hoped to get his cock planted.

I pulled away before it could get beyond the point of no return.

"I need to keep my strength for later." Jeremy merely nodded. "How about a shave?" Jeremy's mother was a cook and his father a barber, he had learnt both trades. He sat me down on a chair.

"First we'll have to do something about your hair, if it air drys it will be totally unmanageable." He grabbed the hair wax, and quickly ran some through, then just slicked the hair back. "I thought you might want this, so I am prepared." He had some heated towels ready, and soon was slicing off my facial hair. Once it was all gone, he rubbed a balm in making my whole face feel wonderful. "Anything else need doing?" He glanced down at my pubes, I left them natural when I had no boy-friend, like now, but the opportunity was too good to pass. Acting like a true professional he paid no attention to my cock, but merely trimmed the length, and then shaped the edges to a neat compact bush. Then he turned his attention back to my hair, and without any directions from me, he styled it exactly as I did normally.

"I think that for this morning, we should stay naked, but it might get a little chilly, so push the heating up a bit, and we can huddle together."

We went through to the sitting room, I passed him a film for us to watch which he put in the VCR.

"You lie on the couch, and I will lie on top of you."

Once we were both ensconced, Jeremy's arm around me, holding me close, he started the tape. As we lay and watched, he seemed perfectly at rest with me next to him, his chest against my back, I could feel his heart beating, and his skin was still perfectly smooth soft and warm. My ass was against his groin, with his cock lying along the crack, our legs entwined, and there we lay and watched. When the film ended, Jeremy gave me a kiss on the neck.

"Lunch time."

Watching Jeremy cook was like watching a violinist, or a painter, the artist at work, the feeling that something great is just pouring forth from deep in their soul; and the sight of Jeremy naked was an added bonus. Normally I would act as his assistant peeling vegetables and the like, but today he would not hear of it. I merely sat as he moved around the kitchen chopping, frying tasting. I watched transfixed as his cock leapt around with his movements. Soon it was ready. He placed the plate in front of me, and he actually fed me, I felt like some eastern emperor.

After lunch was cleared away, I decided that we should go out. I wanted to wear the clothes that Jeremy had been in first thing, he dressed me. I like the idea of my cock resting where his had been. I then gave him an outfit of mine. I had bought it for cruising, because it accentuated the size of your basket, and showed torso muscles very well, no boxers. Jeremy drove the car, and rested his hand on my thigh when it was not in use; he was treating me just like he would a girl-friend.

Jeremy did not like shopping, he was always brilliantly dressed, but would take a tiny fraction of the time I would to choose anything; as such he would complain if we shopped together, but today he followed me round like a devoted boy-friend; when he wasn't looking I sneaked a pair of cuff-links I knew he would like to say thank-you. He played the part of the gentleman perfectly, carried all of the bags, gave appropriate advice; I could not help feeling that the woman who got this man was truly going to be lucky.

We had coffee in a cafe, and he sat very close to me, and even rested his hand on my thigh under the table. I was loving it.

When we got home, he started to unpack the bags for me, but I stopped him, and pointed out that we were both fully clothed. First he repeated his strip tease, and than stripped me, gently and sensuously pushing each piece of clothing off.

Dinner was a repeat of lunch, and I loved every moment, afterwards I decided on a porn film, we resumed the same positions as earlier. As the film started, and the guys started to get into each other, Jeremy started on me. His hands stopped merely resting across my torso, and started to play with my body, moving down towards my cock, meanwhile he kissed my neck gently. He ground his groin into my ass, which hardened his cock. By the time the film was over, the five guys on it had all been done every which way; and I was hot as hell.

I turned my head towards him, and we kissed again, our tongues playing with each other fighting like mediaeval knights. I broke away to speak.

"Perhaps the bedroom would be more comfortable."

I rose, Jeremy lead me into the bedroom.

"I know that a slave should take orders from his master, but I think I know what you want."

"Go ahead."

He pushed me onto the bed, and then climbed over me, and began to ravish me; the fantasies I had had every spare night since I was fifteen were happening. He lay on top of me, and we kissed again, our groins pushing into each other, our chests leaning against each other, our lips pulled tight. Jeremy pulled back, for a moment I though he was having second thoughts, but as he started to kiss my neck, then my pecs, then he sucked out both of my arm-pits, he worked down slowly, taking time to kiss every inch of my flesh with his soft gentle lips. Once he had passed my navel, he went to the side to avoid my cock, then when he reached my thighs, he pushed them apart, giving him a clear view of my ballsac, he moving in first kissed, then licked, and then sucked at this little bag. Moving up my cock in three strokes, the top and the two sides, first kissing, then licking. His head waited for a moment above the cockhead, he was looking at it intently, this made me even more hot, and my cock twitched and a long string of pre-cum oozed out.

"Let's not make a mess." He voice now sounded like pure velvet. He licked up my pre-cum, appearing to savour the taste; then without warning he kissed the very end of my cock, it drove me wild, I nearly came then and there, but he had more in store for me. He clamped his lips around my cockhead, and then ran his tongue all over it, before moving his whole mouth downwards. When I had filled his mouth, he paused, and started to breathe very deeply, and then without warning he started to deep-throat me, he nose pushed right into the pubes he had trimmed earlier.

He continue the sweet torture for what seemed like ages, according to the clock it was over half an hour; then he pulled off, and lifted my legs, now it was my ass that was exposed. He moved in, and kissed each of my cheeks, before moving in for the kill. His tongue started gently, but intensified, pushing against my hole, lapping up my body scent. Again this sweet torture continued for seeming hours; but too soon he came up, he kissed me, now I could smell my ass on his mouth.

"Are you top or bottom?" The question surprised me.


"Top or bottom? Your slave wants to know how to serve you best." This made it sound like he, a straight guy, would let me fuck him.

"Both, but you fuck me first."

He reached for the lube and condoms he had placed by my bed, and lifted my legs up again; rubbing more lube into my ass, even though it was well done by his mouth, he pushed a condom down his cock, and lubed that too.

He placed his cock against my ass, and pushed gently, and then with growing strength. Soon my well-fucked ass let him in. Starting gently he fucked me, soon he was ploughing deep inside me, driving me mad, I cried out; then he made it even worse, he looked at me, our eyes met, and the non-erotic love we had added to the sheer sexual-power which was inside me, my cock was pouring forth pre-cum like mad. I could feel from his rhythm that he was getting close, when he cried out.


He rammed his cock as deep inside my ass as it would go and fell on top of me. We started to kiss, as his cock still flooded my ass with his seed. He pulled out of me, and removed the condom. I turned it inside out, and we both ate his cum from it.

We both needed a rest after that; but soon he started again kissing me; this time I wanted to get at his body. I sucked all over, pulled at his nipples with my teeth, dug my tongue into his navel, licked out his arm-pits, by now sweaty from his fucking; then I arrived at his cock. I was like a seven year-old at Christmas, I wanted it all. I have had plenty of practice, and put it all to use; running my mouth all over, swallowing, deep-throating, playing with his balls. I decided that he needed to cum again, and to cum in my mouth. I pushed him right to the edge and then stopped, once, twice, three times, then on the fourth I didn't pull back, I forged ahead, and sure enough his cock exploded for me, filling my mouth with that beautiful seed. Jeremy cried out, I merely sucked hard to get it all out. When I pulled off, we kissed again, sharing his cum. I paused.

"Are you sure you don't mind me fucking you?"

"I'm am your slave, you can tie me up and whip me if you want."

"Not really but that ass sure needs some attention."

I started by rimming him long and deep. Then lubing his ass, and my condomed cock I started to push into him. He was clearly a virgin, and it must have hurt him loads, but that was his love, and he made no sound. I went as slowly and gently as I could, and eventually my cock was right in his ass, like a sword in its sheath up to its hilt. I paused for a while and we kissed passionately; I could feel his ass starting to relax, I took this as the sign to move on. Starting with long slow strokes, I built up to a real pace. I collapsed with literally no strength left as I filled his ass, and cried out loudly. When I had recovered my cock was starting to soften, so I pulled out and Jeremy removed the condom we shared the contents of it again.

I glanced at the clock, it was now midnight, we had been having sex for three hours. I merely leant against Jeremy and fell asleep, exhausted.

I am a light sleeper, and so when Jeremy moved during the night I woke. I looked at the clock, and decided to wake him.

He took some time to come around, but realised quickly where he was.

"Yes master what can I do for you?"

"I've had an idea. We're going out."

It had always been a fantasy of mine, to watch the sun rise over the ocean after having sex; we were about ten minutes drive from the east-coast, it seemed ideal.

I told Jeremy to wear a pair of my boxers, and I wore his; it was summer and so would not be too cold.

I drove, and he started to wank me gently as we travelled. When it started to distract me I told him to stop, so he started on himself, that was even worse.

There was no traffic, and so we arrived at the beach quickly.

"You know that you will do anything I say; what if I said to take off those boxers now?"

"Sure." He started to pull them down, and stood in the car-park naked.

"Now to the beach."

Jeremy walked without the slightest hesitation about what I was doing. I carried the boxers he had been wearing. We sat down on a large towel I had brought, and I started to give Jeremy a blow-job. He rose to full height quickly, and too soon my fun was going to be over, I stopped as a new idea occurred to me.

"Go into the sea until it reaches your navel"

Obediently he walked out, even though the sea would be cold, he didn't pause. I had to shout and signal so that he could understand me. I got him to play with his nipples, this got me hard as a rock, and I started to rub up and down; eventually I beckoned him out; his cock and balls had been shrivelled up by the cold water. As I sucked on them again, they started to come back to life, the salt taste soon died away. Before he came, I decided that I needed him up my ass again. We lay down on our sides, and he penetrated me, this time he had more confidence; as he fucked me he started to wank me. The sky was starting to get lighter as he moved towards his climax. He plunged deep inside me and his cock poured forth into me. He pulled out, and started to suck at my ass, I had not given him a condom, and so his seed was inside me, he sucked it all out, then at my direction he sucked my cock, our two cums mixed in his mouth, and then he kissed me, passing the juices into my mouth.

I lay in his arms as the sun rose.

I guessed that people would be around soon, so we went back to the car, and drove into town. We went back to my apartment, I followed him up the stairs, watching his ass cheeks, with his balls hanging down between his legs; he had not asked for some boxers.

"The time is now quarter to nine. That leaves an hour and a quarter; what would you like master?"

"A long romantic bath for two."

Jeremy ran the bath, and we got in. As he washed me, and I washed him, I started to get aroused. We went back to my bedroom, and Jeremy looked at my cock.

"I can think of three ways of dealing with that, which do you want."

I didn't say anything, but merely grabbed at his ass.

I lay on the bed, and he placed his ass hole over my now hard cock, before sitting down, lowering himself onto me. Once I was inside him, we rolled over, and I fucked him hard. After I had cum, and we had kissed, I fell asleep. I woke at about midday, at first I thought it was a dream, but then I saw the sandy towel.

Later that day I went to Jeremy's to have coffee; everything was back to normal, he was my closest friend nothing more. As we were talking Jeremy told me that to practice he had bought a dildo, and a hard-core porn film, and asked an ex-girl-friend how to give blow-jobs; he really had put his heart into it.

By next year, he had got a good job, and bought me a wonderful present, but he also gave me a day as my slave. Once a year, right until he got married, and then to make up for it, he gave me a long week-end away, as I was his best man. We are still friends, he likes my boy-friend, and I like his wife; but he would never sleep with anybody other than her; but I have my memories.

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