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The New Toy

by Vincent Chulabi

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at www.nifty.org and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

It started when my lover had a change in his shift at work and we were forced into working opposite shifts. We couldn't seem to find the time to be together. I'd be asleep when he came home and he couldn't wake up early enough before my job.

Many nights I'd try to stay awake until he arrived but it just wasn't good timing when I was relaxed and he was still 'keyed up' from work. Of course, I would frequently become too relaxed and just not wait up at all.

Time past by and the frustration levels increased.

I visited adult video stores and rented movies all the time, but I couldn't be satisfied. The videos were temporary and I was left wanting more; there is no replacement for a stiff cock up my butt.

As for my cock, it would be sore from jacking off three times a day and then I would want to do it again.

Finally, after another night of torture, it occurred to me to find my own solution.

The next time that I went to the bookstore I went for a 'tour' of the products that were available. Mainly, there were videos but there were also magazines, body oils and lotions. I drifted past my destination and pretended a passing interest in the dildos.

Packaging made it difficult to critique them without picking up one of them and I didn't want to appear to be too interested in it. Price was one of the considerations and since I had no idea how much it would cost I displayed interest in the price tag and for good measure I read the warning label and the small print on the back. I read everything on the label.

But there were too many and too many differences to get a good idea of what was available. My curiosity was sparked, though, and I wanted to know more about them, but I didn't feel comfortable while other people also "drifted" by.

A few days later, it was easier for me since I knew where I was going and I figured the best time when less people would be there. This time I looked, really looked, for one that was "realistic" enough.

The black ones, though large, didn't seem real. I've been with black men before and most were not 'that' endowed; they were impressive but not like the slab of horse meat they were trying to pass off.

Then, there was the general shape to consider as well as the diameter, length and various attachments to it. I found two that were pretty good and filed the particulars in my brain. I hadn't brought any money since I wasn't exactly sure of which one I wanted.

Two more days passed and I decided to bite the bullet and buy one. Since I didn't want anyone to know who I was, I withdrew cash from a nearby ATM and headed to the store.

I arrived at the store and entered after checking the parking lot for the number of cars and then entered thinking there should be few people inside. After entering and scanning the store quickly, I went to the back wall for the prize.

I hadn't been sure which of the two to get but the choice boiled down to the six inch or the eight inch. I wasn't sure about the eight but decided, "What the heck ". I went with the eight. I might not be able to handle it right now but maybe in the future, right?

It was supposed to be modelled after the porn star Jeff Stryker and after watching him in action, bigger would be better. It definitely looked like him.

It was straight, circumcised-appearing and was attached to a base that looked like his balls. A ridge ran down the length to simulate a fat pulsing vein and the head was perfect. It was the epitome of a good-looking cock.

I approached the counter and put it down with my money. The clerk looked at the purchase and then kept his head down, not wanting to acknowledge what it was to me. He gave me my change and I was out of there.

My heart was beating faster than normal but not pounding out of my chest. I had "gotten away with it". I almost couldn't wait to get home, but I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I got there.

I made sure that the dildo was hidden when I walked up to the apartment and locked the door as soon as I entered. No one was home but I hid it until I could check it out for sure.

I set up the VCR and TV for more videos and then found the old tube of KY jelly in the bottom of a bedside drawer. I got a used towel and spread it out in front of the TV. I had a dressing mirror and stood it up, too. For kicks, I dug out a pair of black, leather bicycle gloves that didn't cover the finger tips; they attached by a strip of Velcro and the sound of it "ripping" always gets attention.

I undressed and realized that my belt might be nice to keep out and slipped it around my neck and left arm. Then I got the dildo.

I sat in front of the TV and stated the tape, I had chosen one with Jeff Stryker to celebrate the moment at hand. I watched the tape stroking my dick and balls. Then, I decided it was time to try it out.

I lubed the head and shaft with the KY but I wasn't sure how much to use. It was slippery and glistened as I turned it in the light. I greased it all the way down to the base and then rubbed its balls as I admired their size.

I pushed out more KY and rubbed it onto my fingers, then started rubbing my ass hole darting a finger in and out to push in the jelly and prepare the way. I was getting hot just doing that.

The guys in the video were in full-fuck and the fingering had gotten me relaxed. And, I wanted a cock up my butt, right then.

I laid down on the floor and turned the dildo around so that it would be like I was being fucked from behind. I placed the moistened head against my ass hole and started small jabs at it. I pushed for a few moments and the head slipped in.

I was surprised. And excited.

I continued to push and pull slowly to get accustomed to the size and kept moving it a little deeper all the time.

I watched in the mirror as the dildo slid in my ass. It fascinated me as it pulled the skin around my ass a little as it exited and then disappeared as I pushed it back in. Hair around my hole grabbed at it and stretched out along its length. They were wet from the KY and stuck to it sending tingles to their nerves as they were being pulled.

I wanted more and continued to push in and out, deeper into my butt until it hit my prostate. Man, what a feeling. A slight tap sent shivers through me and my ass muscles grabbed at the cock inside me. I didn't want to let go of it. And I still had more to go!

I sat up, and smiling through my mustache at myself in the mirror, I pressed full force on the dildo. It went in to the hilt. Its balls rubbed against my balls and the head and shaft slid along my prostate. I gasped as the pleasure rolled over me. I liked the feelings that I was getting.

After a moment, I was more accustomed to it and started rocking back and forth then pull it out a little and back in slowly.

I got into a squatting position with the base on the floor and started to rise and fall on this wonderful piece of latex. Up and down in a slow rhythm, I watched the length go in and out of me in the mirror.

I put on the bicycling gloves, repositioned the belt and tightened it a little. Then, I grabbed my uncircumcised dick and slid back the foreskin with a leather-covered palm then circled its head with my thumb and forefinger. I was hot.

I started jacking my cock and raised and lowered myself on the dildo. My speed increased and I was literally bouncing on it as I jacked off.

I got into other positions and watched from different angles as I was entered. On my knees was great, also, on my right knee with my left leg pulled up next to my body for support and ease of jacking off. Frequently, all I wanted was to sit on it with my legs spread out as I rocked furiously back and forth.

I thought about how I had been fucked by men and wanted to try other positions. I laid on my back next to a chest-of-drawers and put my butt up against it. I could pull my legs up to my head and still push the dildo into me, the pressure from my guts would push it back out when I separated from the bureau. I rocked back and forth as it slid in me.

This was a little work and a little awkward, so after a while I decided on "doggie-style". I needed more KY and added so much that it ran down to the base and off onto the towel. Then I got on my knees and backed into the bureau. It felt great and it was deeper.

But when I tried to move away from the bureau the dildo came out faster. The bottom of the base had an indention that when used with too much jelly caused it to seal slightly to the bureau by suction. It held on as I pulled away and then pushed back. This was fine!

It was like being fucked! All I had to do was ride the cock of my dreams; it was at the right height, angle, shape... you name it.

Finally, I couldn't control it anymore and pushing as deep as I could and wiggling on the bureau, I came. I came in shaking pleasure-filled waves, shooting cum over my thighs, stomach and chest.

I was exhausted and covered with sweat. Contentment filled me as I lay bent over beside the bureau.

Finally, I regained myself and released the suction from the dildo against the bureau and slowly removed it from my ass. It pulled my insides and I wanted it to stay in me but it finally popped out. I cleaned up the dildo, myself and then the side of the bureau from all of the KY and cum.

I hid the dildo under my underwear in one of the drawers and knew I would be back to this newfound pleasure pretty soon.

The next day my lover called me at work and said that he had watched me as I lay sleeping and thought that I was the most at peace that he had ever seen. I couldn't tell him the reason, at least not until I had another round at it. Or two!

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