Sticking Together

by Danny Meyer

...I took one of the oranges and splattered juice all over his warm chest...

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

Tony is a thirty-year-old bartender. He has a gorgeous body and loves to display it for me by walking around the house in a pair of boxers, showing off his smooth, developed chest and large, pointy nipples. The way his nipples stick out - begging for someone's mouth - turns me on so much that sometimes I have to give them what they want. Usually though, Tony can control me with his muscular arms, keeping me at bay until I'm ready to explode.

Sometimes I like to lay in bed next to him and run my hands over his gorgeous flesh - over the smooth muscles of his chest, along his bulging arms and back, down to his thin waist, caressing his inner thighs but being careful not to touch his growing crotch, pushing my hands farther down his slightly hairy legs until I reach his feet, then coming back.

Often, I find myself staring into his eyes, overwhelmed by how gorgeous he is. At thirty, the oldest Tony ever looks is 24, and that's when he's really tired. Usually he looks to be 18 or 20 - not old enough to work in a bar, much less be the most successful bartender in the place. He's constantly in demand, but for the moment he's mine.

Oh how I just want to keep him in my bed, but eventually we had to pull back the sheets and get the day started. Not bothering with a shower yet, Tony and I went to the kitchen to start breakfast. Usually I'm all over my man, but today he just ignored me as he got milk and juice out of the refrigerator. He was pretending to be upset with me, because during my earlier inspection of his body, I didn't go near his cock, and left him with a very ungratified, raging hard on. I guess that's enough to upset any constantly horny man.

I normally don't want to leave anyone upset, especially Tony, so while I was peeling some oranges at the counter, a wonderful idea started swirling in my head, forming into something I thought we would both enjoy.

Sneaking up behind Tony, who was routing in the refrigerator, I grabbed him with both of my arms around his chest. Continuing his act of being upset, he tried to shrug me off, but it didn't work. I had something in mind and I was going to carry it through.

Quickly, before he could stop me, I pulled his boxers down to his ankles and let his throbbing hard-on pop out. At 7.5 inches, it was nothing to laugh at and more than enough to satisfy me, despite Tony's insistence that it wasn't much. Still avoiding his cock, I bent down and grabbed Tony's legs, lifting him up by his legs. He protested, almost violently, but he knew I wouldn't hurt him, so he didn't fight too much.

I quickly walked Tony over to the kitchen table, which was currently bare of even the usual salt and pepper shakers. Laying him down on it, I put my hands on his chest. He wanted to get up, but I put a finger over his lips and gave him that look he knew so well - the look that said if he fought me, he would miss out on something glorious. Struggling to pull my own clothes off, I waddled over to my arsenal of oranges, ready for my mission.

My own 6 inch dick, apparently responding to my plan, was sticking straight out of its hairy nest, begging for some attention of it's own. Not yet, though. Tony and I were going to do this together and love every minute of it.

Lying there prostrate on the table, Tony watched me as I walked back to the table carrying the oranges - a look of puzzlement mixed with excitement in his eyes. When I saw this, I could only grin even wider, thinking of what would come next.

Moving the chairs out of the way, I stood next to this Italian god before me, and fought off the urge to throw the oranges away, and just start feasting. Seeing this struggle in my eyes, Tony took one of the oranges from me and held it over his stomach. This was his way of saying, "You've gone this far, you are going to finish this," and I couldn't agree more.

Taking it back from Tony, I laid the orange and its three brothers around Tony's head. First, I rubbed my hands up and down his body, like I did earlier that morning. Running my hands down his chest and arms, along his waist, thighs, calves, and back up. Tony only looked up at me, and stared into my eyes with the look of a child on Christmas morning. This was one present he couldn't wait to get into.

I took one of the oranges and held it over Tony's midsection. As I tore it apart, I splattered the juice all over his warm chest, and watched him convulse slightly from the cold liquid running on him. Tony looked at the puddle forming on his abs, and looked up at me. I couldn't help grinning so much my face started to hurt. This was going to be fun.

I took two orange slices and squeezed them in my fists over Tony's beautiful smooth chest. The juice streamed from my clenched hands onto his tender skin, flooding it with the fragrant liquid. As I released the crushed wedges, they dropped to his chest, and I massaged his erect nipples with the slippery, coarse chunks. The erotic sensations caused Tony to jump and moan and I loved every spasm of his muscular body.

Throwing the wasted fruit aside, I massaged his chest and stomach, smearing the juice into his skin. The fragrance of oranges wafted up to my noise, and my mouth watered at the sight and smell before me. Pinching his left nipple gently, I touched my lips to one nipple, and started sucking. The tangy, sweet taste filled my mouth as Tony gasped, convulsing sporadically. Usually, nipple work didn't get Tony this excited, but this time, the novelty of having orange juice licked off them must have turned him on. The look in Tony's eyes was intoxicating. I knew he was enjoying this.

After working on the other nipple for a while, I looked at Tony's cock. It shook and bounced, showing its master's excitement. He was my aroused victim now - maybe getting too aroused. I decided it was time to move on.

Pulling out another two orange slices, I squeezed them over his legs. The juice splattered all over his thighs, and I dropped the used slices on them. Grabbing two more, I squeezed juice onto his shins. The sugary juice matted his leg hairs together, and the liquid beaded on his tender skin. Immediately, I started massaging the sticky fluid into his flesh, rubbing orange pulp around his legs.

Grabbing more slices, I held them over his hot crotch, and squeezed every possible bit of juice out of them. The liquid rained onto his hard cock and balls, coating them completely. I could almost see steam coming from Tony's crotch as he convulsed and moaned.

I grabbed more oranges and squeezed then all over his genitals, watching cool juice cascade down and renew the coating his cock and balls. My hands reached down to his asshole and started to massage the juice into his tight crack. Sticking one finger in slowly, I pushed the juice inside him. His legs spread slightly and I could hear one loud moan escape his throat. Since Tony is a total top man, this was a very interesting reaction. He has an absolutely gorgeous ass hiding a wonderful hole that I love to bury my tongue into, and I thought I might get the chance to bury my steel hard rod up there too.

Squeezing yet another set of orange slices over his crotch, my hands slowly drifted down to Tony's dick. In one motion, I opened my hands and grabbed his hard cock, squeezing with sticky orange pulp. The last of the juice escaped the slices as I squeezed Tony's shaft. One long, guttural moan escaped Tony's throat as I groped his crotch. He was finally getting what he wanted, and boy was he going to get it!

When Tony's groan subsided a little, my hands slowly slid up and down his hard shaft. First, my fingers worked their way up to the head, rubbing it with tender orange flesh before moving back down to the base of the rod. Slowly increasing my speed with each stroke, my hands started to whip back and forth on his hungry erection. Tony's moans became louder and louder and I could tell he was ready to cum. But I had other plans.

With one explosive motion, I pulled my hands away from his dick, letting the orange slices fly away to land who knows where. Tony lifted his head and looked at me with disappointment in his eyes, like a puppy who just had it's favorite bone taken away. I simply ignored his look and got up on the table.

Slowly, I pulled his legs apart and up, bending them into a stable position. Next, my tongue slid along Tony's sweet left thigh and tasted his manly scent mixed with the tangy orange juice. It was intoxicating, to say the least. I couldn't get enough of it, and I thoroughly licked his thighs, replacing the orange juice with my own spit.

My tongue slowly worked its way to Tony's tight asshole. I loved to stick my tongue in him and I loved to hear the moans that resulted. Licking at the cheeks around his hole, I pulled them apart and stuck my tongue in. The taste of oranges was here, too, from when I worked it in with my finger.

Tony's hole convulsed and squeezed my tongue as I pushed it in - eating up every inch of flesh that I could. Not able to get enough of him or his hole, I darted my tongue in and out of that glorious ass as I listened to him moan and watched him tremble in pleasure.

Not wanting Tony to get too aroused from any one thing, I pulled my tongue away from his ass and moved up to his balls. They had already started to pull up into him, and jumped visibly when my tongue caressed their sack. Here too, I didn't want to linger, so I just gave a few licks to each testicle. Eventually I took them into my mouth and hummed softly. The vibrations added fire to the sensations Tony was experiencing, and his moans intensified.

At this point, I couldn't hold myself off much longer and started licking up Tony's cock in one long slow motion. Every inch presented me with more orange flavor to lap up, and with more of Tony's incredible, insistently throbbing shaft. When I reached the tip, I raised my head and took his entire pole down my throat in a single thrust. Deep- throating was something I had practiced on Tony's dick, but was still not comfortable with. His passionate moaning told me he liked getting it as much as I loved giving it, and my throat opened up in response.

Slowly, I pulled my head up out of his crotch, only to impale myself on it again. I did this repeatedly, while massaging his dick with my tongue and hands - licking the orange off of his shaft with each move. Surprisingly, he didn't come from all of this. I've always admired how Tony is able to keep himself from coming and can keep going for hours. The type of fucking he can put someone through when he's in this mode is excruciatingly wonderful and it leaves you unable to walk for days. I'll tell you, it's worth it!

Before I could get much more done on Tony's dick, he flipped us over with me on the bottom. Apparently my plan was taking an unexpected but exciting turn! He decided he wanted to have an active role and was going to give me what I deserved for teasing him so long.

Grabbing a couple of whole oranges, he squeezed them all over me. The juice stuck to my furry chest, matting it down as he ran his hands over my nipples and stomach. He knew how much I like my nipples played with and was taking advantage of it. His action on my chest made me shake and jump from the pleasure of it all, and he enjoyed every moment of this torture.

Tired of all the foreplay, Tony got off me and turned me over onto my hands and knees. Kneeling behind me, he aimed his dick at my hole and shoved it in, with only some spit and orange juice as lube. The stars and flashes of light that I saw at that moment nearly blinded me, and I thought I would pass out.

Normally, Tony likes to start slow and work up to this, but he must have been so excited that he couldn't wait. He started to slam fuck me right from the beginning. Slowly, I regained my senses enough to feel Tony's hard cock ramming in and out of my poor ass, and hear his low guttural moans. The combined effect drove me wild, and I could feel my cock getting harder, but Tony wasn't ready for me to cum and he wasn't going to touch my aching dick. He wanted to torture me.

Reaching over my head, he grabbed the last orange. While still fucking my ass at a rampant speed, Tony squeezed the slices over the point where we were joined. The juice rained down onto his cock as he quickly fucked it into me. I suppose the acid should have hurt, but to tell the truth, all I felt was his hot dick slamming into me with unprecedented speed. Harder and faster, he rammed my hole open. Occasionally, he would try to squeeze some more juice onto his cock as lubricant, but eventually, he just slammed it down on my back and rubbed it around.

The fucking seemed to last forever, and with Tony, I could believe it. The constant hypnotic, rhythmic motion of his cock moving in and out of me left us both in an animalistic daze. At times, he would lean over and growl into my ear, letting me know I was his.

Eventually, I couldn't hold back, and my cock began to swell beyond the breaking point. I tried, but couldn't tell Tony what was happening. I couldn't say anything. His dick had long since fucked all the air out of me. All I could do was tense up as I felt my cock spurt its load of white cum all over the table. A fierce spasm clenched my hole around his hard rod and he rammed his dick up my ass in one final, hard slam before blasting his huge load up my tight ass. I felt him scalding my insides, and couldn't help but scream in wild lust as he bit into the back of my neck.

After a few minutes on top of a mountain of pleasure, we both finally came down, collapsing on each other. With him still inside me, plugging my ass, he laid over my limp body. Unable to speak, he just rubbed my back and stomach while we fell asleep, me in his arms, stuck together with orange juice, on the kitchen table.

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