Gregg Homme

Tennis Coach Has Fuzzy Balls

by Dude Sweet

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

It was over 90 degrees and I won the first set. Well I had beaten him before in the first set, but he always came back. And he did this time to in the second set. So I decided to try something different in the third set. I decided that when I was serving to not lose. Instead of trying to hit winners, I was just gonna hit the ball back, every ball back. Well this strategy was working because it was 6 to 6 and were were going to a third set tiebreaker. By now we had played 90 minutes straight and it was hot. Most of the other guys were watching us, cause they all finished and we were having a great game. A few guys left. My strategy of just hitting the balls back was working but was making very long points.

In the tiebreaker we got to 10 all and I fell down. I sort of almost passed out. I don't remember exactly what happened but they carried me, I think, back to the gym and laid me down on the floor with some towels or something for a pillow. Coach Steve said take off his shirt. I was out of it and wondered if they were gonna strip me naked or something. It didn't really make sense, but as I said I was out of it. But all they did was take off my shirt, then put cold towels over my face and chest. Then Coach tack came in with ice packs and put them in my armpits. Shit that was cold. They also make me drink some cold Gatorade.

I finally started coming out of it and Coach Steve explained that I got overheated from not drinking enough water. He said that I needed to lower my body temperature, then I would feel OK. So after a little I started feeling better. The other guys had gone home and Coach Tack had to leave to so Coach Steve said he would make sure I was OK and stayed with me. He also got another ice bag and put it between my legs. Practically froze my balls off. He said the armpits and between the legs is where you lose the most heat. Well I started getting cold now. He said OK then get undressed and take a cold shower. I asked why a cold shower. He said it will help lower your temperature. He said get it as cold as you can then run it over your head. He said that's another part to keep cool when you are overheated.

Well we had showers in the locker room, but almost all of the guys didn't use them, we took showers at home. Only 3 guys used them regularly so I wasn't used to showering in front of anyone. In fact, I had never done it so was a little nervous. He stayed with me as I took off my shoes and socks. I felt kinda weird as I pulled down my pants. I was starting to get hard from him looking at me or from being nervous or I don't know from what. So he looked at my boning up dick and said why did you stop? I didn't say anything. I was to embarrassed. He said shit man are you afraid of your boner. He said its no big deal. I still said nothing. He said OK I will go in the office, you go take your cold shower. I waited till he was walking away and then stripped naked, my boner sticking out. After I got under the cool water, it started to feel pretty good. My boner went down a little from the cold. When I heard another shower go on I pulled my head out from under my spray. There was Coach Steve naked with a boner in the shower next to me. I must have stared to much and he saw me looking at his. He said see boners are no big deal. Well my boner sure came back then.

He was looking at mine and I was looking at his. He got some soap and soaped up his hands real good and started rubbing it all over his dick and balls. I was still looking when he said go ahead, its fun. Then he started jacking off. He said come on man I know you want to do it and I can see your dick wants you to do it, just do it. Well I was mighty horny so since he was doing it I figured it was OK so I started soaping up and jacking off. He both jacked and watched each other. It was like a dream or something. Well when he came it shot out like 2 feet. I never seen another boner or anybody else sperm. It inspired me to jack harder. I did and then mine shot out too. I felt stupid after I came but he was just acting like it was no big deal. I turned my back and cleaned up my dick. Grabbed my towel. He came out to and dried off naked so I could see it. I had to get naked to get dressed. He asked want to do this again tomorrow? I wanted to but said well what about the other guys. He said we will do it after they leave. I said OK. So for the next 2 weeks he would help me after practice when the others were changing and by the time we got to the locker room, they were gone. We would just strip and jackoff in the showers watching each other. It was great.

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