Swim Team Boys

by Gay Story Boy

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

"What the fuck are you faggots doing?" Brian yelled. He stood in the doorway to the bathroom where David and two friends were buck naked.

"Shaving for the swim team", David said. He turned his leg to hide his erection. He couldn't help it. His cock got hard as soon as they began to shave his butt.

"Yea sure, that's what they all say. You better not be doing anything else ... or at least not on my bed. Use your own", Brian said.

"He's hot", Arthur said in a low voice. The sight of Brian shirtless usually got that response from girls and men alike. "Fuck yea", Eddie added, "I'd like to shave him".

"Guys, back to work, he's a dork", David said. He held his nutsack firm and continued to shave the skin smooth.

"Maybe seeing us all naked with boners looked suspicious", Arthur said. "You think", Eddie asked as he jacked his cock a few times.

"Shave first, circle jerk second", David reminded them.

They were indeed shaving themselves and each other smooth. Chests, armpits, pubic hair, butt hair, asscracks, legs and arms were made smooth to give them every advantage possible in the water.

The circle jerk ended quickly as all three were so horny, their bodies demanded immediately relief.

"So you're smooth like a baby now?", Brian asked in the middle of dinner. "OK boys that's enough. He's on the swim team honey", their father interupted and explained to his wife at the same time.

Brian had a date, his parents went to a movie and David went to bed fully intending to feel his smooth skin and jack off as many times as he could. Brian wasn't home so he had the freedom of their shared bedroom.

Fantastic was the only word he could think of after he finally grabbed his boner and pumped it. David had run his hands all over his smooth buttocks, legs, balls and crotch. His nipples expanded so much they hurt. David's head was full of Arthur and Eddie naked. The other guys he knew from the swim team too were images in his head. And Brian too was there. David had seen his big brother naked over the years. But they were brothers and he never thought about him sexually ... but that night, he was there.

David dreamed of school, swim meets, teachers, friends and suddenly he awoke. He called out but no words came. Something was covering his mouth. He arms were being pulled behind him. David's ankles were already fastened together. Then a cloth was tied over his eyes.

"Relax", the voice said, "you're going to love this". David couldn't recognize the voice but whoever it was had disguised it. Beside, he had no time to try. A finger shoved into his butthole.

Then a cock. David had never been fucked but he knew it was a cock. His shaven skin felt someone's body against him. The cock pumped and pumped taking his pain to new levels.

He started to scream out hoping that despite the gag, some sound could be heard. Then he felt lips on his cock. David had never been sucked. The feelings changed his attention. He couldn't help it, the sensations were more then fantastic.

David realized the pain inside his ass was gone. There were new feelings he experienced as he was fucked and sucked at the same time. He couldn't help it, his body seemed to be responding on it's own.

The cock pulled out and another one went inside him. Lips that were on his cock were replaced by a hand working his shaven ballsac and cockhead. David's body jerked with each new jolt he felt. It was like he was being shocked electrically.

"Shit", he heard someone say. Then another cock went in where the second one had withdrawn. This one was thick, larger and sent some stabs of pain into him. David tried to relax hoping that would help.

Fingers pulled on his nipples and lips were back on his cock and balls. He didn't want to enjoy it. He feared that whoever was raping him would kill him after. But then he was blindfolded so he couldn't identify anyone.

And would he tell anyone this had happened. Brian would just say he was a faggot anyway. His mother would go nuts and his father might begin to believe Brian.

David's body was on fire he felt something wet landing on his naked body. Then his own cock burned as it released streams of his cum. And the cock that was inside him pulled out so quickly he heard his butt close with a 'pop'.

Then there was nothing. He heard and felt nothing. Whoever had broken into his bedroom, tied him up and raped him was gone. David tried to concentrate to hear if they were downstairs robbing the house. But again, there were no sounds.

"What the fuck were you doing?" Brian yelped at him pulling the tape off David's mouth.

"Someone ....", David didn't know what to say, "broke in", he didn't reveal he had been fucked and sucked.

"Bullshit. There's nobody in the house, nobody broke any windows and doors." Brian said.

David sat up. Brian stood there in his jockstrap, "you were probably having sex with your fag friends".

To David's surprise Brian was smiling, "and from the way you were acting, you really enjoyed yourself!"

David didn't get what his big brother said.

Brian never picked on David again. And David kept that night a secret along with the one about his brother and him being gay.

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