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Workout Gym Photography

by Homer's Odyssey

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

My name is Craig, and I own and manage a fitness gym in a suburb of Chicago.

I am 32 and as you can imagine, I am well built and toned. I don't go in for over developed muscles or body weight. Just good looking healthy bods are my thing. I'm 5'11", weigh 175lbs, and have a blond crew cut and blue eyes. I sport a 7" cut tool, if it is any of your business. I guess it is your business if you are reading this story for what I think you are.

We tend to get a crowd in the gym at about 5 PM and they are usually cleared out by 11 PM.

A short while ago a photography studio opened about two doors up the street from the gym. The photographer called Danny, stopped by one evening and introduced himself. He said he had put together portfolios for body builders in the place where he worked before opening his own studio. He asked me to recommend him to any body builders or would be models who wanted a book or portfolio. He would cut me in for 10% on anyone who I sent to him. It sounded good so I let him put up a sign in the entrance. He said he would do a portfolio for me in exchange for using the gym for a month. I told him "what would I need with a portfolio?" He told me "Craig you're a hunk, and I could get you into some magazines for sure. The magazines pay big, depending on how much you want to show." I laughed and told him that I would think about it.

I told him to go ahead and use the gym any time. I got Danny some sweats and he did some presses and set-ups. Later when I had closed the gym and we were in the shower, we checked each other out. Danny was not a hunk but he was very good looking. His package was good size and his cut cock looked to be about 6 1/2" when hard, but who was checking that? Danny told me that I was gorgeous and sexy and he could sure get me some modeling jobs if I wanted. Again I just laughed and let it slide. Danny came around a lot for exercise and he continued to pressure me to do some modeling.

About two weeks after Danny started at the gym he came in and told me that one of my regulars had come in for a portfolio. He was a young guy named Roger and he was on his way up into bodybuilding. Roger was 28, had a great bod and looked like he was packing a 6 1/2 " cock. Danny said that Roger was coming over after closing that night and why didn't I come along for some shots too. I gave in! Roger and I got our posing briefs and went along with Danny to the studio after closing the gym.

The studio had a show room at the street and then there were several darkened rooms at the rear. Danny lived over the studio in an apartment. There were some studio stuff in the first room behind the street office but it was mostly just curtains, a bench and chair. There was also a lot of camera equipment including the latest video cameras and remote control cameras.

Danny told us to go into the changing room at one end of the posing studio, and get into our thongs. He wanted to work fast so he needed us both ready all of the time. As we changed Roger and I bumped and rubbed together in the tiny changing room. My cock actually began to stiffen but not so much that I imagined Roger noticed.

When we were in our thongs and came into the posing room there were cameras every where. Danny put us through the standard body builders poses and clicked away. After he took the posing shots he asked me to do some shots on the bench, all kinds of semi erotic stuff and butt shots.

Danny started pushing us both to do some magazine shots for some hot magazines. He said he had sold some male model shots to "Playguy", "Sizzle" and a lot of other nude male picture mags. He said we could get a cut of up to $2,500 depending on how hot the pictures were. He said he could touch up the faces in the pictures so no one would ever recognize us. Finally Roger said "Why not! It's not like we haven't seem each other nude before! I'm cool. How about you Craig? There could be a lot of bread if Danny is right". "You're damn right". Danny said. "We can get some heavy cash for just a few pictures". "Oh hell" I said. "Let's go for it".

Danny told us to get rid of the thongs and had us do body building poses in the nude. He ran me through, front to rear in poses that left nothing out. When he wanted something sexy Danny would come over and push us into what he wanted. when Roger and I were through the solos, Danny asked,"How about some duos?"

We agreed and Danny started posing us. There were still some body building poses, but Danny put us together touching in some poses. He had me hammer lock Rogers head, he had us pretend to be pushing each other away and he had me kneel over Rogers bod and look like I was pinning him. All of the time Danny would touch, push and shove our bods to get a good shot.

By the time we had finished that series, both Roger and I were semi hard. Roger kept checking me out and I think he was getting excited.

Danny said, "We have gone this far, guys, why not go all the way? Honestly I can get big money for pictures of you guys getting it on. "Lets go into the next posing studio which is set up for continuous video pictures". We followed him into the next studio, and saw a big king size bed in the middle of the room with cameras hidden in the walls and ceiling. "before we get to it,"Danny said, "I need to explain how it is going to work. I want to have you guys really get it on.

First, I'd like you to do some poses where you look like one of you is about to ass fuck the other. Then, we should get some shots of you sucking face and hugging your bods together. The more hard cock you show, the better. Maybe you can start with some jacking each other off to get hard. Most of the cameras work automatically and continuously. When we are finished, I can cut stills and edit the video. If the video is any good we can get a lot selling it on the porn market. Any questions? O.K., lets roll!"

Roger and I were a little shy at first, but we soon got into it. When I pretended to ass fuck Roger standing up, my cock rubbed against his butt crack. We had stroked each other at first so my cock was hard and throbbing. Danny told me to keep stroking Roger while I humped him. Fuck, I was getting hot and Roger had been excited since we had gone nude. My cock was actually pressing against Roger's pucker hole and it was dripping pre-cum. Roger whispered "God! I want that cock in me. Craig, push it in please!" Danny said "No guys, cool it. Lets get you on the bed and then you can let it rip." As we moved to the bed, I noticed that Danny had stripped and was bare ass. He was hard and was going to join us. When we got to the bed, I laid down with Roger on top in a 69 position. Roger was licking my balls and every once in a while he would suck one of them into his mouth. I didn't fool around with him, but just went to work on his cock, licking and sucking.

The action was so hot that I almost missed Danny lubing up and pushing into Roger's exposed ass. Danny's cock went in just above where I was sucking Roger's hard, cock. Roger went ballistic. "Oh. Fuck me! Suck me! Do it., Craig. Do it, Danny" he moaned. Danny was groaning, "Yes!! Yes!" And his balls slapped against Rogers ass just above where I was sucking. Each of us was about to shoot, when Danny told us to change positions to where Danny leaned over the edge of the bed and Roger fucked him and I fucked Roger. It was fantastic! We changed positions once more where I was kneeling on the edge of the bed and Roger fucked me and Danny fucked Roger. I couldn't last, we had been at it for about a half an hour and were crazy wild with sensations.

It happened, first Roger, Danny next and then I shot the most fantastic load of my life. The three of us were moaning quivering and fucking until the last cock got too soft to stay in our asses. Fuck, what great sex! We were a mess but Roger and I climbed back on the bed while Danny turned the cameras off. "That was great guys" Danny said. "We're going to make a fortune when I get to work on the pictures"

We spooned the rest of the night and in the morning went up to Danny's apartment and showered. We had a circle jerk before the shower, which was great.

We get together now at least once a week. Danny has a couple of other hot hunks that he wants to have us train for male modeling. What do you think?

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