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Graduation Day

by Charlie Dee

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

On the day of my Graduation Ceremony I was running late. Although the ceremony didn’t start until three, I had to be at the Conference Centre at least two hours before hand, to get myself caped and robed appropriately. But due to the previous night’s shenanigans, I was a little disorientated. The Tube ride didn’t help either. All the bumping and swaying gave me a slight nausea in the pits of my stomach.

I perked up a little when I saw a guy at the other side of the carriage, looking over in my general direction. He had a jagged jaw-line, a striking balance of brown and blond hair with mesmerising sky-blue eyes. I glanced away for a few seconds and then hesitantly looked back. He was still looking at me and gave me a slight smile to acknowledge my awareness. I was suddenly wide-awake and a passion began to stir from inside me that cancelled the sickness of my hangover.

As the journey continued, I traced the outline of his manly figure. He wore a white t-shirt that was not so tight around his torso, but still made him look very muscular and built. Underneath his bleached-jeans, his legs were taut and firm. And as a sign of approval of my attentions, he placed his hand over his large package, slightly and deftly stroking it. Now I was really awake as the stirring of my manhood was a straining beneath my suit. I was definitely rising for that man.

As soon as I was about to concede to my desire, I realised I was at my tube stop and had to get off the train. With a little trouser adjustment, I got up and stepped onto the station platform. I looked back to have one last look at the gorgeous guy. But he wasn’t at his seat. I looked around in blind curiosity. And there he was, walking along the platform behind me. Was he actually following me? Or was it pure coincidence that this was his stop too?

I carried on walking, up the stairs, passed the ticket machines and then outside the station. I turned right on the main road. After a few minutes I looked back. He was behind me again. I went on for a couple more minutes when I realised that I might be lost. I stopped and looked around. The gorgeous guy was walking up behind me. It was now or never.

“Hi, I was wondering if you know where the Conference Centre is?”

“Yeah, it’s just a few more minutes walking up this road. I could show you where. I’m heading that way myself.”

“Cheers.” I replied.

“My name’s Jamie” he said.


“So what are you here for Christian? A job interview? A meeting?”

“No, I’m graduating today.”

“Oh, Congratulations.”


When we got to the Conference Centre, there was hardly anyone about, obviously inside already waiting for the ceremony to begin. I turned to Jamie.


“No problem.”

We shook hands and at that instant we touched, there was sudden heated electricity between us. Oh boy did we want to get into each other’s pants.

“I’m a little bit early.” I said even though it was a lie.

“My flat’s just around the corner. You can have a quick drink?” He said with a sheepish grin.

That was the invitation I was waiting for.


As soon as we entered his flat we got right down to it. We kissed so intensely that our faces were almost fused together. I ruffled his hair and caressed his back. He loosened my tie and undid my buttons and opened my shirt until my chest was exposed to him. He bent forward and kissed my nipples. Hot flushes rippled through me. He kissed them delicately and bit them ever so slightly that I winced. But it was good. He kissed further down over my washboard stomach, in and around my belly button.

On his knees he unfastened my belt and unzipped me. He dropped my trousers and pants right down to my ankles and released my raging hard-on. Immediately he took it into his mouth. It was so good. It was like my cock was enveloped in molten lava. I gyrated my hips a little as he took my cock a little further down his throat. He gagged a bit. But he took it well. He knew what he was doing. I grabbed his head and helped him in his head rocking, pushing him closer to me. My cock was now sliding and slurping inside his mouth. I could’ve let him continue, and cum in his mouth, but I had other plans.

I pulled him away from my cock and stood him up and it was now me on my knees. To save time, he took off his white t-shirt as I lowered his jeans down. I couldn’t have asked for a perfect specimen of a penis. It was long and thick and his head was almost as big as his balls. Boy was I going to enjoy this. I opened up as much as I could and swallowed. I considered myself to be the best cocksucker on town, but his dick was hard work. As I looked up, he had his eyes half closed and in a euphoric ecstasy of pleasure. I continued to suck for as long as my neck could take the strain. I released him and then he guided me to his bedroom.

In his bedroom he threw me on the bed and held me down on my front. He began to kiss my back, which sent shivers through me. His kisses descended downwards towards my butt. He playfully teased my butt cheeks like play-dough. Not before long, he was right in between my inner thighs. He spread my butt cheeks further apart to reveal my gaping hole. Then as expected, he let loose his tongue. He ate away at my ass, lubricating it for the inevitable.

After his rimming job was completed, he stood up and opened up his side draw. I looked up to see where he took out a condom. He ripped it open and effortlessly put it in his cock. He slowly got back on the bed and reached under me. He elevated me a little higher for my ass to be closer to his cock. Within moments my ass was filled with eight and half inches of flesh. I let out a small gasp, but held in most of the initial pain. I allowed his cock to slide deeper in me by shifting backwards towards him. And that gave him that sign that he could fuck me now as much as he wanted to.

“I’m going to fuck you now!”

“Ooh, yeah!”

“You want it don’t you?”


“You got it.”

He started to beat a rhythm as he pushed himself deeper inside me. My ass was gripping him tightly and he loved it. He grabbed the sides of my body for support as he thrust and throttled me like a mad man.

“Come on, harder,”

“I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before!”

Thus, I was subjected to an absolute battering of his hammering cock. It was now touching the depths of my body I never knew existed and making me feel sensations described only as multi-orgasmic.

“I can’t take it much longer!” Jamie soon said.

And with large gulping thrusts he let himself go, shooting inside me, as I incredibly shot my load all over his clean duvet. The great thing was I didn’t even need to touch myself to cum. He dropped on top of me with a loud sigh. His heavy breathing was echoing in my ear. I managed to get him off of me and quickly got dressed. My suit was slightly rumpled, but it wasn't too noticeable.

Needless to say, I still managed to make it to my graduation without a moment to spare. I sat down in my place with my fellow students in the large audiorium. I had a huge contented smile upon my face, knowing that it was the best day of my life.

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