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OutUK is the now the UK's fastest growing gay website with the number of users increasing phenomenally each month. We use FastStats to provide our advertisers and sponsors with detailed figures of the number of users and page views.

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Gays and lesbians use the Internet more often and for longer than any other demographic group. In fact gay surfers spend an average of 3 hours a day using the Internet and this does not include time spent using e-mail. Gays and lesbians tend to have higher disposable incomes and purchase more goods and services on line than any other group. Gay websites like OutUK allow advertisers to reach a large audience of gay men and women including many who wouldn’t be comfortable having gay magazines delivered by mail, getting them from a shop or from a club or bar.The gay and lesbian online population is growing much faster than the Internet population as a whole. This above-average growth is attributed to factors such as privacy, on-line communities and relevant information that appeals to this demographic.

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Every OutUK advertiser is given access to real-time reports and statistics on their campaign including number of impressions delivered and click-throughs so that the success of the campaign can be easily measured. Clients can quickly see which copy is performing best and changes can be quickly made. These reports are available online 24 hours a day and each client is given access to their own separate password-protected area.

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OutUK - News, Chat, Features, Travel, Men



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OutUK features the latest gay news, advice, entertainment and information together with gay guides to cities and holiday destinations around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. There are hundreds of galleries of photos and videos of the sexiest gay guys plus intimate personal profiles of thousands of gay lads from all around the UK.