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    First Published: Before August 2002
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.
At last there's some good news following September 11th. At least it looks like the gay community has not been frightened off from travelling to next year's Gay Games in Sydney. Some relieved organisers have just announced that the number of registrations has significantly exceeded expectations, with more than 6,000 people already signed up. Sydney 2002
"We are absolutely thrilled," said Sydney 2002 Gay Games VI Board Co-Chair Peter Bailey. "Our scheduled target for the end of the Early Registration process on 31 October was 4,000 participants. With 6,040 people registered, we are 2,000 over our original target. The viability of these Games is now firmly cemented. It's a great encouragement for our sponsors, partners and the community at large - these Gay Games are going to be great and the world is definitely coming to Sydney."
Australia (994) and the USA (2295) lead the number of registered participants, but the UK (347) is behind European countries like the Netherlands (540) and Germany (671) which is a clear reflection of how seriously some countries take gay sport. The huge interest in the Sydney 2002 Gay Games means some sports are nearly full - these include badminton, sailing, golf, marathon and track and field. Gay Swimmers
"Our message to people intending on coming to Sydney and participating in the sport, cultural and conference programs is get in quick, register and pay your registration fee soon because some sports are reaching cut-off point and it will be a case of 'first come; first served'," said Bailey.

There were real concerns that Sept 11th might well affect registrations for the Games, but the good news from Sydney confirms other indications that gay men are planning to take as many holidays and trips in the next 12 months as they were before the terrorist attacks in the US.

More information about the Games, Cultural and Conference Programmes are available online at

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