First Published: July 2005
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We've always championed the work of photographer Kobi Israel, and now you can get a chance to see some original images from his best-selling book Views at a special exhibition at the Prowler store in Soho in London between 5th and 26th July.

The book was born and inspired from Kobiís personal experiences as an adolescent in an Israeli suburb and as a soldier in the Israeli army during national service. The breakthrough photographs, some of which have won leading international photography awards, capture Kobiís many conflicts growing up and exploring his sexuality in a traditional Israeli society.

The window display exhibition will include the original colour prints and feature new images from the book that have never before been publicly exhibited. Exclusive signed copies of the book will also be available at Prowler Soho throughout the exhibition.

ďAll the interest in the book has been really gratifying, and itís great that Prowler is celebrating the success by inviting me to exhibit the original prints in central London,Ē said Kobi Israel. ďIím of course very excited to share these images with London again and hope everyone enjoys getting the chance to see them once more.Ē

Kobi is currently working on his latest project and book, Intimate Strangers, which documents all aspects of gay life in the melting pot of London at the dawn of the 21st Century.

You can see more prints from Views in our special feature about Kobi.


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