b> Often topping the best sellers list from our favourite British studio is The Best Of James Connor featuring James Connor's own choice of the hottest scenes from his FreshSX movies. James of course writes the regular Ask James sex and relationship advice column for OutUK, and you can definitely see him put into practice what he preaches :-)
OutUK: What are your favourite scenes in the movie?
James: Well seeing that this movie is a compilation of all my best bits (lol!) it is hard to choose as we have already chosen my favourite scenes I was in with FreshSX and narrowed those down to the 8 scenes that are in the movie. I guess if I had to pick again it would be the scene with Marco di Lucca from Well Suited as he so fit and sexy! The scene with Kristian Collins is also great especially the cum shot where we both shoot massive loads at exactly the same time.

OutUK: Being a porn star means you must be a bit of an exhibitionist .... why do you do it?
James: I got into porn quite by accident through a friend and it just kind of happened really, so I guess it wasn't a career choice as such, but it is such a lot of fun and I have met so many great guys through doing it.

OutUK: What's your favourite sex position?
James: Hmmm so many to choose from! I would hate to be tied down to one position so I would have to say that variety really is the best for a great sex life.

OutUK: You work exclusively for FreshSX which never does bareback movies... would you ever do a bareback film?
James: No, I have never done any bareback stuff and I don't think it gives over the right message to be honest. More and more guys are catching HIV and it is a shame that we all the knowledge that we have of the disease that the figures are not improving. There are loads of guys who already caught HIV because they thought having sex without a condom would be OK and then it turned out that from that one experience they went on to catch HIV. There is only one way to avoid catching HIV and that is by always using a condom for fucking and showing people having sex in a movie without using condoms just isn't the right message to be giving out! For those reasons I would never do a bareback movie!

OutUK: Apart from models who work with you ... what kind of men do you fancy most?
James: I don't really have one type although I like guys who look after themselves physically and guys who are into safe sex!

OutUK: Is there anything that making these films has taught you about sex?
James: Yes making porn movies makes you more confident in sex and also pushes you to try out new things too which makes your sex life more fun. Sometimes you also get to do things that you might not have otherwise done. My first experience of double penetration (as a top!) was on film and I am real glad that I tried that one out.

OutUK: You of course answer questions on sex and relationships for OutUK ... what questions do you find the most challenging to answer?
James: Yes, answering Ask James is very important to me and I really like having been able to help people with their question on sex and relationships. It is great to get on email from someone thanking me for the advice I gave and to know that it helped them. I think as gay guys we should stick together more to be honest and I hope that Ask James is just one small contribution to us living and helping each other where we can. I guess the most difficult questions are those that are more medically related as I did not study as a doctor!

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