First Published: April 2010
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OutUK's College Boys Live webcam house is the subject of a critically acclaimed documentary available on You Tube, that you can now watch below writes OutUK's Stevie Gardiner.
Directed by George O'Donnell, this a fascinating insight into the College Boys Live house in Orlando, Florida.
CBL has of course been one of the most popular features of OutUK and this documentary offers a revealing look at the boys who you see on screen.

CBL is founded and run by Zac Adams. Zac says that the motivation for setting up CBL was to show everyone that is OK to be gay.

Up to six horny guys live in a house in Orlando, Florida and are online 24/7 in front of twenty four cameras placed in the living room and kitchen, pool, patio and workout room, as well as all their bedrooms and bathrooms. You can see all that happens in the house. You can watch them as they eat, drink, sleep, wash, swim, workout and play, and you can see them entertain their friends and do what every collegeboy likes to do.

CollegeBoysLive broadcasts every moment of their day - when they are asleep, when they are awake, and yes when they are having sex. You can watch what happens in the house particularly during their nighly chat sessions with the guys who've come to watch them online.

The documentary focuses on the three of the CBL participants J.C., Tim (above) and Chuck and Zac's former partner Jonathan who used to run the site with him.

We get to see the reasons why they decided to spend their lives under the constant gaze of the webcams, and we see them bickering and fighting over boyfriends and money as well as drunken brawls and arguments.

There is even trouble with the neighbours who try and evict CBL because they claim it is a house of prostitution.

The film has been acclaimed by the critics and has been a big hit at gay film festivals in the US and around the world.

"Disturbing at times, the film is also a fascinating psychological study.....itís a fascinating look into the lives of kids we might never have known or met."
The Edge
"College Boys Live exerts a bizarre and dramatic fascination by observing that Orwellian experiment-cum-entertainment over a six-month haul."
"Part Jerry Springer, part Real World, part Queer as Folk..."

Find out more about College Boys Live from our feature on OutUK
Watch College Boys Live now on OutUK


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